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2010-12-06 Markus Schulzdebian stuff is now in the debian branch
2010-12-04 Markus Schulzmore changes regarding the new lower case file name
2010-11-29 Markus Schulzchanged FSF address and some other debian stuff
2010-11-28 Markus SchulzV1.0.4 ubuntu2 release
2010-11-28 Markus Schulzsome corrections for package to make lintian happy
2010-11-28 Markus Schulzmore text in the man file
2010-11-27 Markus Schulznow all the command line options work, start on new...
2010-11-21 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'debian' into systemtest
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzfiles needed to create a ppa