support the Silhouette Portrait
[robocut:robocut-for-portrait.git] / Plotter.h
2013-11-16 Tristan Willychmod -x on headers
2010-11-29 Markus Schulzchanged FSF address and some other debian stuff
2010-11-27 Markus Schulzgpl v3 stuff
2010-10-31 Tim HuttLoad page size from file.
2010-10-31 Tim HuttRegistration mark support (hopefully!) form Marcus...
2010-10-06 Tim HuttCleanup, added animation, dialogs, view transformations.
2010-10-04 Tim HuttIt works!
2010-10-04 Tim HuttClean up a bit.
2010-10-04 Tim HuttMore stuff
2010-10-03 Tim HuttUpdating to modern libusb, and simplifying.
2010-10-03 Tim HuttInitial version.