2010-11-28 Markus Schulzthis should be it for ubuntu menu file
2010-11-28 Markus SchulzV1.0.4 ubuntu2 release
2010-11-28 Markus Schulzsome corrections for package to make lintian happy
2010-11-28 Markus Schulzmore text in the man file
2010-11-27 Markus Schulzbetter reg mark example file
2010-11-27 Markus Schulznew version 1.03 for ppa
2010-11-27 Markus Schulzgpl v3 stuff
2010-11-27 Markus Schulznow all the command line options work, start on new...
2010-11-27 Markus Schulzadd edit view boxes to sliders
2010-11-27 Markus Schulztry to get the icon under menu
2010-11-21 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'debian' into systemtest
2010-11-21 Markus Schulzan example for registration maks with letter paper
2010-11-14 Markus Schulzchanged sorting to be default and make -s to turn sorti...
2010-11-14 Markus Schulzall working dash stuff
2010-11-14 Markus Schulzfist dash line is working
2010-11-13 Markus Schulzcalc dash stuff
2010-11-13 Markus Schulzdash pattern dectection
2010-11-13 Markus Schulzbetter --help output
2010-11-12 Markus Schulzfix help
2010-11-12 Markus Schulzfix help for sort
2010-11-12 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'sorting' into systemtest
2010-11-12 Markus Schulzlooks like sorting is better for some files, the bb...
2010-11-11 Markus Schulzcombine options and sort
2010-11-11 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'sorting' into systemtest
2010-11-11 Markus Schulzworking bounding box check to make sure inside stuff...
2010-11-11 Markus Schulzgroup tsp works now
2010-11-11 Markus Schulzmore tsp tests
2010-11-11 Markus Schulzsorting in it's own class
2010-11-10 Markus Schulzcorrect some stuff after merge
2010-11-10 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'regmark' into systemtest
2010-11-10 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'getopt' into systemtest
2010-11-10 Markus Schulzadd USB stuff and margin to Plotter.cpp
2010-11-10 Markus Schulzall the options are now avalable
2010-11-09 Markus SchulzSingleton implementation
2010-11-09 Markus Schulzfirst working options with new class
2010-11-09 Markus Schulzadd get opt in own class file
2010-11-09 Markus Schulzprototype fake/fast tsp to sort stuff - all this needs...
2010-11-08 Markus Schulztry to always advance to the closest next path - prototype
2010-11-07 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'ifmaxmoveonly' into systemtest
2010-11-07 Markus Schulzif outside the range just move, don't cut
2010-11-07 Markus Schulzdon't cut/draw on min/max width or height just move
2010-11-07 Markus Schulzlooks like it needs more time if track thing is on
2010-11-07 Markus Schulzmake 240mm for reg mark default
2010-11-07 Markus Schulzmake sure not to cut without file
2010-11-07 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'sorting' into systemtest
2010-11-07 Markus SchulzI think this works better
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzenable sort option on command line
2010-11-06 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'getopt' into systemtest
2010-11-06 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'sorting' into systemtest
2010-11-06 Markus SchulzMerge branch 'mousewheel' into systemtest
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzcommand line options to load and cut a file, also reser...
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzfiles needed to create a ppa
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzuse qsort to sort the paths
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzhandle all three USB receives
2010-11-06 Markus Schulzmouse wheel stuff
2010-10-31 Tim HuttFix page size.
2010-10-31 Tim HuttLoad page size from file.
2010-10-31 Tim HuttRegistration mark support (hopefully!) form Marcus...
2010-10-31 Tim HuttAdded some documentation.
2010-10-24 Tim HuttVersion 0.2!
2010-10-24 Tim HuttFix font scaling.
2010-10-24 Tim HuttAdd Silhouette SD product ID.
2010-10-24 Tim HuttIt's not a 'printer'.
2010-10-16 Tim HuttFix status text.
2010-10-16 Tim HuttActually the entire device isn't a printer, that is...
2010-10-11 Tim HuttAdd icon
2010-10-09 Tim HuttForgot to change #includes
2010-10-09 Tim HuttCleaned up. First release I think after testing.
2010-10-07 Tim HuttAdd images
2010-10-07 Tim HuttMoved cutting process to another thread.
2010-10-06 Tim HuttCleanup, added animation, dialogs, view transformations.
2010-10-04 Tim HuttComments
2010-10-04 Tim HuttIt works!
2010-10-04 Tim HuttDrawing works!
2010-10-04 Tim HuttClean up a bit.
2010-10-04 Tim HuttRemove old SVG attempt.
2010-10-04 Tim HuttSVG reading working!!!
2010-10-04 Tim HuttMore stuff
2010-10-03 Tim HuttUpdating to modern libusb, and simplifying.
2010-10-03 Tim HuttFix tabs
2010-10-03 Tim HuttInitial version.