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2014-02-17 Markus Schulzchanged Manual to Online Help link master
2014-02-17 Markus SchulzAs Tristan Willy <> suggested...
2014-02-17 Tristan Willysupport the Silhouette Portrait
2011-09-21 Markus Schulz1.0.10
2011-09-21 Markus Schulzqmake messup, cleanning up was not possible - for now...
2011-09-17 Markus SchulzV1.0.9 new default for 111a CC300-20 Craft Robo Lite
2011-08-13 Markus Schulzremove all the QT clutter make dist
2011-08-06 Markus Schulz111c is a valid USB ID as well
2011-01-07 Markus Schulzlegal reg mark example
2011-01-04 Markus SchulzA4 reg mark example file
2010-12-26 Markus Schulzfix command line usb bug
2010-12-06 Markus Schulzdebian stuff is now in the debian branch
2010-12-06 Markus Schulzadd a git ignore so i can call git clean to delete...
2010-12-06 Markus Schulzstarting on 1.0.6
2010-12-05 Markus SchulzTim Hutt pushed 57a2ab93 to robocut/robocut:master
2010-12-05 Markus Schulzset width from 0.5 to 0 so it is easier to see errors...
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