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2014-07-23 Rob MyersFlickr API now requires https. master
2013-12-21 Rob MyersCleanup convert options. Take some notes on the full...
2013-12-21 Rob MyersUpdate the README to cover librsvg installation.
2013-12-21 Rob MyersSolve gnarly problems with uploading photo data.
2013-12-20 Rob MyersSend png rather than svg to tumblr so the image can...
2013-12-18 Rob MyersChange database url handling to make sure we use the...
2013-12-18 Rob MyersStrip xml header from svg before posting.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersAdd license header to web app.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersAdd license. Simplify web app.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersRetry fetching images if there are no matches. Run...
2013-12-18 Rob MyersFix mongo url in cron script.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersFix paths in cron script, not exec call.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersFix mongodb url in cron job.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersFix package name reference.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersFix passing database details to run script.
2013-12-18 Rob MyersRemove express dependency.
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