last changeFri, 12 Nov 2010 17:49:18 +0000 (17:49 +0000)
2010-11-12 Rob MyersFixes for new posting api. master
2010-11-12 Rob MyersEnsure that the Makefile works out of the box.
2010-10-31 Rob MyersUse queue-update rather than post.
2009-12-29 Rob MyersUpdated to use the latest microblog-bot package.
2009-09-14 Rob MyersImproved tests, filtered critic opinions to exclude...
2009-09-01 Rob MyersFix aesthetic posting.
2009-09-01 Rob MyersMore package name fixing
2009-09-01 Rob MyersFix package naming for sbcl 1.0.30
2009-08-17 Rob MyersBetter tests, particularly for replies.
2009-08-16 Rob MyersAdd test suite to make sure we don't spam .
2009-08-15 Rob MyersWorking well now.
2009-08-12 Rob MyersAdd cybercollector. More error handling.
2009-08-11 Rob MyersUse new test architecture. Fix aesthetic bug. Fix start...
2009-08-10 Rob MyersBack to daemon.
2009-08-05 Rob MyersRun probabilistically.
2009-08-05 Rob MyersInitial cron job version build of cyberartist.
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