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2012-04-12 Tim NorthoverRemove newly-unused functions. master
2010-07-17 Tim NorthoverAdd custom monodromy calculator.
2010-06-25 Tim NorthoverTidy up source. origin/master
2010-06-24 Tim NorthoverAdd CutScheme implementing outwards pointing radial...
2010-06-24 Tim NorthoverRestore feature-parity after refactoring.
2010-06-24 Tim NorthoverFix some runtime bugs with modular CutScheme.
2010-06-24 Tim Northover(Only) trivial modular scheme for cuts
2010-06-03 Tim NorthoverAdd a windows launcher.
2010-05-28 Tim NorthoverAdd .pic extension to filenames without it.
2010-03-15 Tim NorthoverPrettier metapost output.
2009-11-28 Tim NorthoverNotify paths as RiemannPath rather than by name.
2009-11-24 Tim NorthoverChange all references to Foobar in license boilerplate.
2009-11-23 Tim NorthoverAdd README with basic build/use instructions.
2009-11-23 Tim NorthoverFirst external version of CyclePainter.
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