last changeMon, 26 Sep 2011 19:57:28 +0000 (20:57 +0100)
2011-09-26 Thomas LeonardSupport use of 0compile to build E master
2011-09-26 talAdded 'updoc' command to the 0install feed
2011-09-26 talShow updoc failures as we go, not at the end
2011-09-19 talDon't report errors twice when exiting
2011-09-19 talCorrectly quote characters when producing JSON
2011-08-26 talClearer error message when a return value fails its...
2011-08-26 talAdded ReadOnlyFile.getCryptoHash()
2011-08-13 kpreidFix CapTPReplacer NPE on a promise for null.
2011-07-28 talFixed concurrency by in ETimeFormat
2011-05-17 kpreidMake CharPipeAdapter autoflush its output.
2011-05-17 kpreidFix all misspellings of "opener" and "opening" with...
2011-05-17 kpreidAdd terminates/0 to Process; like resultsVow but does...
2011-05-17 kpreidBug: Process#attachStderr/2 took stdout instead of...
2011-02-03 kpreiddeSubgraphKit: use separate tables for temps and unscope.
2011-01-24 talUse seedVatAuthor in eBrowser example
2011-01-11 talUpdated 0install feed to support Windows
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