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2010-02-10 Aaron WilliamsonBegan work to enable provisioning of source along with... master
2008-04-09 Shane Isbell[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag j2ee-client-provis...
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellLimited the length of fields for Android discovery...
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellImproved stocking filter to remove white space for...
2008-04-07 Shane IsbellSupport for date created in Android catalog.
2008-04-07 Shane IsbellOptimize imports.
2008-04-07 Shane IsbellExpanded out catalog info for Android content.
2008-04-05 Shane IsbellBetter error handling for the ota adapter servlet.
2008-04-03 Shane Isbell[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2008-04-03 Shane Isbell[maven-release-plugin] prepare release j2ee-client...
2008-04-03 Shane IsbellAdding src for assembly generation.
2008-04-03 Shane IsbellPom update.
2008-04-03 Shane IsbellCleanup of poms.
2008-04-03 Shane IsbellInitial import
2008-04-03 (no author)Initial directory structure.
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