last changeWed, 17 Feb 2010 16:38:31 +0000 (11:38 -0500)
2010-02-17 Aaron WilliamsonRemove unused files, handle connection issues in Splash... master
2010-02-16 Aaron WilliamsonEnable downloading of source with apk; display license...
2010-02-10 Aaron WilliamsonAdded Android 1.1r1 dependency to SAM build process.
2010-02-08 Aaron WilliamsonBacked out changes intended to enable source download...
2010-02-08 Aaron WilliamsonFixed duplicate categories bug in categories view.
2010-02-06 Aaron WilliamsonMissed these on last commit.
2010-02-06 Aaron WilliamsonMany changes: replaced default view with category list...
2008-04-09 Shane Isbell1.0-CE release.
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellChanged to 1.0-CE
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellReset database version.
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellAdding source directory for assembly packaging.:
2008-04-09 Shane Isbelladded scm info to poms for release.
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellMade jar executable.
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellCleanup of poms.
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellAdding service that will allow android apps to install...
2008-04-09 Shane IsbellOptimize imports.
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