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2014-09-07 Paul KocialkowskiReplicant bookmarks with homepage replicant-4.2
2014-07-02 Paul KocialkowskiPossibility to disable the search engine and DuckDuckGo...
2014-07-02 Paul KocialkowskiReplicant-approved websites in the default bookmarks
2013-10-29 Paul KocialkowskiUpdate French translations
2013-10-29 Paul KocialkowskiShow search suggestions only when enabled in preferences
2013-08-22 arnauBrowser: CA translations
2013-08-08 Niko KoivuBrowser: FI translations
2013-07-23 nebkatMerge "Add DuckDuckGo search engine for en-gb locale...
2013-07-02 Tomasz PopielarczykBrowser: Update Polish language
2013-06-23 Steve Kondikbrowser: Privacy Guard support
2013-06-17 shufukingBrowser: zh-rTW translations
2013-06-02 pulserAdd DuckDuckGo search engine for en-gb locale (both...
2013-05-11 Marco BrohetMerge "Browser: Simplified Chinese Translations" into...
2013-05-10 Andrew JiangBrowser: Simplified Chinese Translations
2013-05-09 Vladimir BelkovBrowser: RU translation
2013-05-01 Odin UgedalBrowser: Norwegian translation
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