last changeThu, 17 Jul 2014 14:51:38 +0000 (16:51 +0200)
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex: Make lookup_pi_state more robust replicant-4.2
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex: Always cleanup owner tid in unlock_pi
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex: Validate atomic acquisition in futex_lock_pi_ato...
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex-prevent-requeue-pi-on-same-futex.patch futex...
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex: Prevent attaching to kernel threads
2014-07-17 Thomas Gleixnerfutex: Add another early deadlock detection check
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiStandalone recovery kernel build for galaxysmtd
2013-12-24 Paul Kocialkowskis3cfb: Replicant logo
2013-12-24 Paul KocialkowskiRevert "Update charging animation to match OSS charger"
2013-12-23 Paul Kocialkowskiorientation: Sync input after reporting values
2013-12-23 Paul KocialkowskiReplicant kernel release
2013-12-23 Paul KocialkowskiGet rid of proprietary firmwares and related instructions
2013-07-18 Chirayu DesaiMerge tag 'v3.0.86' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2013-07-13 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.86
2013-07-13 Ben HutchingsSCSI: sd: Fix parsing of 'temporary ' cache mode prefix
2013-07-13 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd4: fix decoding of compounds across page boundaries
8 years ago replicant-4.2
10 years ago replicant-4.0
10 years ago replicant-2.3