last changeSun, 24 Jun 2012 21:19:34 +0000 (23:19 +0200)
2012-06-24 PaulKcyanogen_mahimahi_defconfig: updated defconfig replicant-2.3
2011-07-28 Steve Kondikmsm: Add support for voice call recording
2011-07-22 Giulio Cerveradriver: bcm4329: sync with msm7x30 kernel tree
2011-07-20 Richard Antony... bravo(c): make notification led work when on charge
2011-06-18 Giulio Cerverabravo: Fix serial number
2011-06-18 Steve Kondikmahimahi: Fix serial number
2011-06-18 Steve Kondiksupersonic: Fix serial number and BT MAC
2011-06-18 Kevin Bruckertvideo: msm: hdmi: fresh poon goodness
2011-05-30 Josh Stonemsm: inc: Add platform data for USB accessory function
2011-05-21 Jeff Ohlsteinmsm: timer: Only use GPT workarounds on ARM11
2011-05-21 Stepan Moskovchenkomsm: iommu: Don't read from write-only registers
2011-05-21 Brent DeGraafarm: Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses
2011-05-21 Laura AbbottARM: mm: cache-l2x0: Correct l2x0 initialization
2011-04-30 Steve KondikMerge "cm: bravo(c): Update defconfig" into android...
2011-04-30 Steve KondikMerge "msm: bravo(c): Add platform data for USB accesso...
2011-04-30 Giulio Cerveracm: bravo(c): Update defconfig
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