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last changeThu, 7 Mar 2013 13:51:04 +0000 (14:51 +0100)
2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiIn-call bluetooth route replicant-4.0
2012-10-31 Paul KocialkowskiAvoid opening and closing hw_node everytime on ioctl
2012-10-27 Paul KocialkowskiAvoid mode and use directions logic instead, introducin...
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiGalaxy S2: Added wired headset input device params
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiBindings and values for input, removed comment
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiMoved routines to params, removed useless ones, support...
2012-10-13 Paul KocialkowskiBuild Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio on Board condition
2012-10-13 Paul KocialkowskiRoutines to set routes on various paths (Speaker and...
2012-10-07 Paul KocialkowskiRefactored part of the code, added routines and minimal...
2012-10-06 Paul KocialkowskiInitial commit: Yamaha MC1N2 Audio library
11 years ago replicant-4.0