last changeFri, 27 Dec 2013 15:25:21 +0000 (16:25 +0100)
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiTarget-specific Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio path and device replicant-4.2
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiChanges for JellyBean
2013-08-20 Paul KocialkowskiGalaxy Note support replicant-4.0
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiMixer: Set the next elements routes when one failed
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiMixer: Handle write element
2012-10-31 Paul KocialkowskiUse mutexes to make audio thread-proof
2012-10-31 Paul KocialkowskiReturn correct input buffer size.
2012-10-31 Paul KocialkowskiOutput/Input: Use resampler when required
2012-10-28 Paul KocialkowskiAudio RIL Interface: Initial commit, implements RIL...
2012-10-26 Paul KocialkowskiAssign streams to tinyalsa_audio_device, don't disable...
2012-10-26 Paul KocialkowskiYamaha-MC1N2-Audio: Follow API changes
2012-10-26 Paul KocialkowskiMixer: Avoid mode and use directions logic instead...
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiOutput: Disable current device when asked device is 0
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiInput: Implement routing and read
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiMixer: Add a way to only disable the current device
2012-10-20 Paul KocialkowskiOutput: Stop Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio output route when closi...
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