last changeThu, 23 May 2013 19:19:18 +0000 (21:19 +0200)
2013-05-23 Paul KocialkowskiSMS: Outgoing SMS support master
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiSIM: Implement facility lock
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Don't allow requests before ril_device_setup comple...
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiFix various build warnings
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiRename functions to return to RILJ
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiAdapt coding style to be consistent
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiMerge globals to one single ril_data pointer
2013-05-18 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Complete rewrite of the mechanisms, using primarily...
2013-05-08 Paul KocialkowskiCopyright update
2013-05-08 Paul KocialkowskiMove device headers to device.h
2013-04-03 Denis 'GNUtoo... Make it compile on android 4.0/ICS.
2012-09-15 Paul KocialkowskiChanged license to GNU GPLv3+
2012-09-03 Paul KocialkowskiDevice: Abort RIL recv loop after 6 consecutive failures
2012-09-02 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Better failure handling and removed wrong unlock
2012-09-02 Paul KocialkowskiFreeze/Device: Correct freeze process and refactor...
2012-08-31 Paul KocialkowskiAT: dequeue sync requests
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