2014-08-07 Paul KocialkowskiAudio-RIL-Interface: Keep up with libsrs-client replicant-4.2
2014-06-30 Paul Kocialkowskiaudio: Proper default (main mic) in-call input route
2014-06-30 Paul Kocialkowskiaudio: Properly handle masks and input devices distinction
2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiAvoid graphical glitch at bootup by not loading the...
2014-01-03 Paul Kocialkowskiaudio: Proper headphone route
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiPiranha Sensors
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiAudio-RIL-Interface
2014-01-01 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung-RIL
2014-01-01 Paul KocialkowskiDisable hardware video encoding/decoding
2014-01-01 Paul KocialkowskiBluetooth firmware patch file chip name
2013-12-31 Paul KocialkowskiWiFi firmwares paths
2013-12-30 Paul KocialkowskiSoftwareGL
2013-12-30 Paul KocialkowskiInitial Replicant 4.2 commit
2013-08-12 Ondrej ZimaP5100/DeviceSettings: CS translation
2013-08-08 Andrew JiangP51xx: Fix BT Tethering
2013-07-21 Daniel Hillenbrandp5100: recovery: auto detect fstype for sdcard
2013-07-07 Daniel Hillenbrandp5100: include hardware/samsung
2013-07-07 Daniel Hillenbrandp5100: move BOARD_PROVIDES_LIBRIL to common
2013-07-04 Andrew JiangP51xx: Set internal storage as primary
2013-06-29 Eddy WitkampDeviceSettings [p5100]: NL Translation
2013-05-27 DelPETERSamsung P5100 : PL translation
2013-05-26 Daniel Hillenbrandp5100: use opensource libril from omap4-common
2013-05-14 DelPETERSamsung p5100 : FR translation
2013-05-11 Andrew JiangP5100: Simplified Chinese Translations
2013-05-05 Gustavop5100: PT-BR translations
2013-05-07 Daniel Hillenbrandp51xx: disable legacy sensors fusion
2013-04-28 DelPETERSamsung p5100: FR translation
2013-04-14 Marco BrohetMerge "DeviceParts: Add uniform title between devices...
2013-04-13 djMesiasp5100: DeviceSettings: ES translations
2013-04-12 Jorge RuesgaDeviceParts: Add uniform title between devices
2013-03-31 Mateusz Malekp51xx: polish translations for device settings
2013-03-17 codeworkxp51xx: volume rocker wake
2013-03-14 Andrew JiangP51xx: Enable higher-res drawables while keeping MDPI...
2013-03-11 codeworkxp5100: add mms overlay
2013-03-07 codeworkxp5100: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for...
2013-02-25 codeworkxp5100: camera: fix copy & paste fail
2013-02-23 Andrew JiangP5100: Port translations + Fix whitespace errors
2013-02-23 codeworkxp51xx: fix dock audio, add device specific settings
2013-02-17 Andrew JiangP5100: Move CPU config to omap4-common
2013-02-16 codeworkxp51xx: update smc service
2013-02-15 codeworkxp51xx: use omap4-common, samsung jb update
2013-01-10 codeworkxp51xx: fix typo in init rc
2013-01-09 codeworkxp5100: fix bluetooth incall audio
2013-01-06 codeworkxp51xx: build libnetcmdiface
2012-12-24 codeworkxp51xx: remove exposure hack
2012-12-21 codeworkxp51xx: use i2s interface
2012-12-21 codeworkxp51xx: set min/max exposure compensation values
2012-12-21 codeworkxp5100: fix setup makefiles
2012-12-18 codeworkxp51xx: add camera wrapper
2012-12-13 codeworkxp51xx: provide bluedroid config
2012-12-09 codeworkxp51xx: enable vsync sysfs notifications
2012-12-09 codeworkxp5100: enable samsung stk
2012-12-09 codeworkxp51xx: audio: remove mutex lock at adev_set_voice_volume
2012-11-30 codeworkxp51xx: create mountpoints for external sdcard and usbdisk
2012-11-28 codeworkxp51xx: allow up to 5 users
2012-11-28 codeworkxp51xx: show navigation bar
2012-11-24 codeworkxp5100: use SamsungExynos4RIL class
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: add bluetooth build config
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: update emulated storage
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: remove networklocation and geocode overlay
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: update audio hal for mr1
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: add audio effects config
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: add fstab
2012-11-24 codeworkxcommon: set TARGET_ARCH
2012-11-11 codeworkxprovide recovery.rc for correct adb vendor and product...
2012-11-07 codeworkxaudio: fix incall headset mic
2012-10-31 codeworkxp51xx: enable expanded desktop feature
2012-10-21 Daniel HillenbrandRevert "p51xx: add trebuchet overlay"
2012-10-17 codeworkxp51xx: add trebuchet overlay
2012-10-13 codeworkxchange network location provider package
2012-09-21 codeworkxupdate boot animation
2012-09-15 codeworkxadded dock keyboard service
2012-08-25 codeworkxmdpi locales
2012-08-25 Daniel HillenbrandMerge "legacy sta events, common blob script cleanup...
2012-08-19 codeworkxinclude vendor if exists
2012-08-18 codeworkxxlarge mdpi device
2012-08-14 Daniel Hillenbrandlegacy sta events, common blob script cleanup
2012-08-10 Daniel Hillenbrandwifi: use prebuilt ics hostapd
2012-08-02 Daniel Hillenbrandaudio: some incall fixes
2012-07-29 Daniel Hillenbrandwifi: fix ap path
2012-07-28 Daniel Hillenbrandpower: fix low max frequency
2012-07-28 Daniel Hillenbrandpower: correct max frequency
2012-07-26 Daniel Hillenbrandforce disable hw keyboard
2012-07-26 Daniel Hillenbrandadded piranha power hal
2012-07-26 Daniel Hillenbrandaudio: request 2 input channels by default
2012-07-23 Daniel Hillenbrandjellybeaned
2012-07-06 Daniel Hillenbrandtweak autobrightness
2012-07-06 Daniel HillenbrandMerge branch 'ics' of
2012-07-01 Daniel Hillenbrandoverride gps header
2012-06-25 Daniel HillenbrandUpdate ics
2012-06-25 Daniel HillenbrandUpdate ics
2012-06-24 Daniel Hillenbrandderp
2012-06-24 Daniel Hillenbrandsplit overlay
2012-06-24 Daniel Hillenbrandoverlay fixup
2012-06-22 Daniel Hillenbrandfix name and device for market compat
2012-06-21 Daniel Hillenbrandinit: don't touch gov on boot
2012-06-21 Daniel Hillenbrandcleanup
2012-06-20 Daniel Hillenbrandextract script
2012-06-20 Daniel Hillenbranddisable lcdtext
2012-06-20 Daniel Hillenbrandautobrightness values