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last changeSat, 25 Jan 2014 21:22:35 +0000 (22:22 +0100)
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiProper default screen rotation replicant-4.2
2014-01-02 Paul KocialkowskiPiranha Sensors
2014-01-02 Paul KocialkowskiInitial Replicant 4.2 commit
2013-07-21 Daniel Hillenbrandp3110: recovery: auto detect fstype for sdcard
2013-07-07 Daniel Hillenbrandp3110: include hardware/samsung
2013-06-10 Daniel Hillenbrandp3110: add DeviceSettings
2013-06-01 Daniel Hillenbrandp3110: add dock support
2013-04-22 Daniel HillenbrandRevert "Fix Pie in p3110"
2013-04-22 Douglas AndradeFix Pie in p3110
2013-03-07 codeworkxp3110: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for...
2013-02-18 XpLoDWilDp3110: Add ro.sf.hwrotation to fix rotation issue
2013-02-17 codeworkxp3110: remove power mk
2013-02-15 codeworkxp3110: use omap4-common, samsung jb update
2012-12-21 codeworkxp3110: fix setup makefiles
2012-12-17 codeworkxp3110: include camerawrapper
2012-11-06 codeworkxBoardConfig: allow flashing of p3110 builds on p3113
3 years ago replicant-4.2
4 years ago replicant-4.0