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last changeWed, 31 Jul 2013 17:25:56 +0000 (19:25 +0200)
2013-07-31 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: Implement proper touch-focus behavior replicant-4.0
2013-07-30 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: Use frame size as returned by V4L2 to correct...
2013-07-30 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: Coding style (for loops, whitespaces and newlines)
2013-07-13 ghepeugalaxys2-common: camera: exynos_exif.c: fix values...
2013-07-13 ghepeugalaxys2-common: fix EXIF data generated by the camera
2013-07-13 athurhcamera: manage picture width and height separately
2013-07-13 codeworkxgalaxys2: camera: add missing picture size
2013-03-24 Paul Kocialkowskisensors: Samsung Sensors compatibility
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: M5MO auto-focus correction
2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiAudio-RIL-Interface: Use srs-client library
2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiMoved tinyalsa-audio.xml to configs/, added in-call...
2013-02-03 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: Use RGB565 preview format and reduce fps
2013-02-03 Paul KocialkowskiGalaxy S2 Exynos Camera module
2012-12-31 Paul KocialkowskiOMX: Disable SEC OMX libraries to permit software decoding
2012-12-29 Paul Avoid redefinitions
2012-12-28 Paul KocialkowskiSensors: Use Samsung Sensors
10 years ago replicant-4.0