2014-08-07 Paul KocialkowskiAudio-RIL-Interface: Keep up with libsrs-client replicant-4.2
2014-01-29 Paul KocialkowskiProper recovery ramdisk dependencies
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiAries Sensors
2014-01-03 Paul Kocialkowskicamera: RGB565 preview format
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiAudio-RIL-Interface
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung-RIL
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiAriesParts: Remove all TvOut-related features
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiDisable hardware video encoding/decoding
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiCharger with good-looking graphics
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiStandalone recovery kernel build
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiBluetooth firmware patch file chip name
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiGet rid of modem firmware instructions
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiSoftwareGL
2013-12-27 Paul KocialkowskiInitial Replicant 4.2 commit
2013-08-05 Danny BaumannMerge "Aries/AriesParts: CS translation" into cm-10.1
2013-08-02 Pawit Pornkitprasanlibcamera: touch-to-focus fixes
2013-07-31 Ondrej ZimaAries/AriesParts: CS translation
2013-07-24 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "releasetools: remove boot.img handling" into...
2013-07-12 AraemoEnhance liblights to support touchkey backlight
2013-07-06 GustavoAries-common: PT-BR update translations
2013-06-27 Eddy WitkampAriesParts: NL translations
2013-06-19 Danny BaumannMerge "Aries-Common/AriesParts: CS translation" into...
2013-06-02 Marco BrohetMerge "Samsung aries-common : FR translation" into...
2013-05-25 DelPETERSamsung aries-common : FR translation
2013-05-17 Tomasz PopielarczykAriesParts: polish translation
2013-05-17 Ondrej ZimaAries-Common/AriesParts: CS translation
2013-05-11 Marco BrohetMerge "AriesParts: Chinese Translations" into cm-10.1
2013-05-11 Andrew JiangAriesParts: Chinese Translations
2013-05-11 Marco BrohetAriesParts: NL translations
2013-05-10 Gustavoaries-common: PT-BR translations
2013-05-04 Chirayu Desaireleasetools: remove boot.img handling
2013-04-21 djMesiasAriesParts: ES translations
2013-04-12 Jorge RuesgaDeviceParts: Add uniform title between devices
2013-03-22 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: use open source
2013-03-14 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: enable volme rocker wake
2013-03-06 Whitexpadded missing translations
2013-02-26 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: fix lun mounting in recovery
2013-02-26 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: use common recovery.rc
2013-02-25 Andrew Doddlibaudio: Dock audio support
2013-02-16 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: opt-in to bionic optimization
2013-02-13 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: use default audio policy
2013-02-12 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: use Google's charger suspend implementation
2013-02-06 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: set default governor to interactive
2013-02-02 jt1134aries-common: remove qcif video encoder from rear camer...
2013-01-27 jt1134libcamera: add additional ISO modes
2013-01-22 jt1134recovery: graphics.c: remove dead code and change font...
2013-01-12 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: remove unused bmlutils
2013-01-07 jt1134bdaddr_read: add changes to read bdaddr from system...
2012-12-30 Or HarambamAriesParts: Right to Left layout fix
2012-12-27 igoriokAriesParts: updated romanian translation
2012-12-22 Or HarambamAriesParts: Hebrew translation
2012-12-19 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: use releasetools extensions
2012-12-18 Manuel ValentinoItalian translation for AriesParts
2012-12-18 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: don't copy modem in kernel build...
2012-12-18 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: don't copy modem in kernel build
2012-12-17 Jacob Overgaard... AriesParts: Danish update
2012-12-11 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Jellybean 4.2 bring up
2012-12-01 Daniel Batemanaries-common: Fix Froyo RILClient call volumes
2012-11-16 jt1134AriesParts: add a reset button for all seekbar preferences
2012-11-16 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: remove unnecessary wifi-direct...
2012-11-12 Kasper HettingaGalaxyS-settings: improved Dutch translations
2012-11-11 jt1134AriesParts: use sane default values for microphone...
2012-11-11 jt1134aries-common: remove unnecessary wifi-direct/p2p stuff
2012-11-08 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Disable bugreport
2012-11-06 Pawit PornkitprasanAriesParts: updated romanian translation
2012-10-31 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: enable expanded desktop
2012-10-24 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries: Remove Wi-Fi direct
2012-10-19 pvolkovUpdate Russian Translation-Galaxy S Settings-CM10
2012-10-18 jt1134AriesParts: add "test" button to vibration controls
2012-10-14 jt1134libcamera: allow changing of ISO modes
2012-10-08 Jacob Overgaard... AriesParts: Fixed 2 typos in Danish and original string...
2012-10-07 Jacob Overgaard... AriesParts: Danish missing strings and revision of...
2012-10-05 jt1134AriesParts: add vibration intensity settings
2012-10-02 Pawit Pornkitprasanrecovery: mount external sd as /external_sd
2012-09-26 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: allow suspend in charger" into...
2012-09-26 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: allow suspend in charger
2012-09-26 jt1134use logical volumes for system and data, bring back...
2012-09-25 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: Add power HAL" into jellybean
2012-09-25 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Add power HAL
2012-09-24 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "PT-BR: Added missing translations" into jellybean
2012-09-23 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: Use open-source charger" into...
2012-09-18 Gustavo RosaPT-BR: Added missing translations
2012-09-18 Pawit PornkitprasanRevert "aries-common: increase read-ahead on moviNAND"
2012-09-18 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Use open-source charger
2012-09-16 Chirayu Desaiaries-common: enable custom vsync ioctl
2012-09-15 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "libcamera: Fix initial flash mode in camera...
2012-09-15 Michael Brehmlibcamera: Fix initial flash mode in camera HAL
2012-09-09 Jorge RuesgaDevice aries-common: Spanish translations
2012-08-29 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Mark encryption has unsupported
2012-08-29 Pawit Pornkitprasanaries-common: Re-enable Samsung STK
2012-08-28 Jacob Overgaard... AriesParts: Minor error in Danish translation
2012-08-28 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "Update Russian Translation-Galaxy S Settings...
2012-08-27 FrancescoAriesParts - Updated Italian translation
2012-08-25 Daniel Batemanaries-common: support older/non-cwm recoveries when...
2012-08-23 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: add support for froyo secril-clien...
2012-08-22 Daniel Batemanaries-common: add support for froyo secril-client
2012-08-20 pvolkovUpdate Russian Translation-Galaxy S Settings-CM10
2012-08-19 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: fix lpm" into jellybean
2012-08-19 Daniel Batemanaries-common: fix lpm
2012-08-19 Pawit PornkitprasanMerge "aries-common: Add sanity checking" into jellybean