last changeMon, 9 Jul 2012 16:13:07 +0000 (18:13 +0200)
2012-07-09 Paul KocialkowskiMoved Software GL instructions to Replicant vendor... replicant-2.3
2012-07-08 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix Wifi disconnections
2012-07-08 Denis 'GNUtoo... Modified to use as...
2012-07-08 Denis 'GNUtoo... Enable for the Nexus one
2012-07-08 Denis 'GNUtoo... Make the Nexus One really use the Camera STUB
2012-07-08 Denis 'GNUtoo... Make the Nexus One use MDP composition.
2011-10-28 Steve Kondikpassion: Fix PRODUCT_LOCALES
2011-10-23 Eug89passion: default VM heap size to 48MB
2011-04-30 Irfan SheriffDO NOT MERGE update for per interface dhcp support
2011-04-10 Steve KondikRevert "passion: Remove libOmxVdec from proprietary...
2011-04-09 Steve Kondikpassion: Remove libOmxVdec from proprietary list
2011-02-06 Koushik Duttaext4 for passion sd-ext
2011-01-20 pconwellfixed permissions for
2011-01-16 Steve Kondikpassion: Relax bootloader and radio checks
2011-01-03 Jean-Baptiste... Use new full_base parent. DO NOT MERGE
2010-12-30 Steve Kondikpassion: Remove BOARD_GPS_LIBRARIES
5 years ago replicant-2.3
7 years ago replicant-2.2