last changeSun, 18 Nov 2012 10:48:26 +0000 (11:48 +0100)
2012-11-18 Paul Kocialkowskibcm4751_serial_write: Use select before write master
2012-11-17 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Add support for BCM4751A2 patch send
2012-08-14 Paul KocialkowskiGPSD: Switch protocol after patch upload and send the...
2012-08-14 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Added NACK structure and a few reasons
2012-08-14 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Added patch upload, message utils, MEIF crc16...
2012-08-14 Paul KocialkowskiGPSD: Fix autobaud and avoid select while writing
2012-08-13 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Added dispatch
2012-08-13 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Added utility functions
2012-08-13 Paul KocialkowskiMEIF: Added multi-line parser
2012-08-12 Paul KocialkowskiCreated clean new BCM4751 gpsd code that works and...
2012-03-18 PaulKAdded daemon, hal and lib modules and solved serial...
2012-01-24 Denis 'GNUtoo... add gitignore
2012-01-24 Denis 'GNUtoo... remove gps-test-crespo binary that was added by error
2012-01-24 Denis 'GNUtoo... check writes return in order to see if it fails.
2012-01-24 Denis 'GNUtoo... Add proper GPLv3+
2012-01-24 Denis 'GNUtoo... move to blocking read/write
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