2011-07-21 Pierre Rossimore polishing
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiWIP: favorites
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossifix last bookmark issue
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiFinishing the favorites' logic
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd basic support for the favorite tab in the new tab...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainRevert "Remove raster graphics system by default."
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd the missing images for the bookmark tab
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiDownload items polishing
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiAdd a function to get the content element for a given...
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiAdd computedStyle function for all Elements
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiMake the TODO clearer ;)
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiIntroduction of the favorite-related classes
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiBookmark tab and iterator
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd a way to collapse groups in the Bookmarks tab of...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainUse a pointer cursor for the tab selectors of the new...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainCenter vertically the tab titles of the new tab page
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd groups to the Bookmarks view of the new tab page.
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainUse the URL if a history item does not have a title
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainFix the display of the active tab in main_content.
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainWith the new animations, we should not clip the content...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainDo not animate the highlight when first showing a newTa...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd title handling to the pages of the newTabPage
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainChange the mockup object of history.js to have more...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainGroup history items by date in the new tab page
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdapt the mockup object of history.js to the new controller
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainUpdate the mockup of download.js to match the new contr...
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainAdd a basic mockup for the bookmark page
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiBookmark tab
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossinew fancy animations and such
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossiget icons for actions
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossiminor fixes to get the history working
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossiexpose the HistoryTab Object now
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossicompile fixes
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiAdd some actions to the tabs
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossitab actions: small change
2011-07-21 Benjamin PoulainInitial files for development of hybrid newTabPage
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiFirst batch of history-related stuff
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiTemporary: use Benjamin's awesome page for testing
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossiemit the signal
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiMore in download tab, download items and related stuff
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossidownload manager support
2011-07-21 Pierre RossiDownload Items & co
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossistarting the new hybrid approach
2011-07-21 Pierre Rossinew directory structure for the new tab page.
2011-06-29 Pierre RossiRevert "Fix includes."
2011-06-29 Pierre RossiFix includes.
2011-06-28 Pierre RossiFixup for vi style navigation event handling.
2011-06-27 Andrea DiamantiniThis should fix "border" protocols handling like apt.
2011-06-27 Andrea DiamantiniMerge branch 'SC7_DEPS'
2011-06-27 Andrea DiamantiniAdd shortcuts for scrolling as in vi or konqi
2011-06-27 Andrea Diamantinirekonq 0.7.55
2011-06-27 Andrea DiamantiniFix KIO/rekonq handling
2011-06-27 Andrea DiamantiniRemove the deprecated setCookieJarWindowId to use new...
2011-06-27 Andrea Diamantinirekonq 0.7.55, KDE SC 4.7 based
2011-06-09 Montel LaurentMake it compiles with "-DQT_USE_FAST_CONCATENATION...
2011-06-08 Yoann LaissusDon't close Bookmark Toolbar's subfolders on a click
2011-06-03 Andrea Diamantinirekonq 0.7.52
2011-06-03 Yoann Laissus- Bookmark can now be dropped inside folders :
2011-06-03 Andrea DiamantiniMerge branch 'DownloadManager'
2011-05-29 Albert Astals CidCode janitoring
2011-05-29 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-05-25 Andrea DiamantiniLast
2011-05-25 Andrea DiamantiniAdding DownloadManager class, following Pierre and...
2011-05-23 Yoann LaissusFocus the WebView when a page start to load
2011-05-18 Andrea DiamantiniFixes the size of a tab preview to a constant size...
2011-05-18 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-05-18 Yoann LaissusMerge branch 'rekonqKonquerorBkConflict'
2011-05-18 Yoann LaissusMerge branch 'bkFolder'
2011-05-17 Andrea Diamantiniconnects tabMoved signal of TabBar to tabsChanged signa...
2011-05-15 Yoann Laissus- Fix bookmark conflict between Rekonq and Konqueror
2011-05-15 Yoann LaissusAdd "comment" bookmark field in the bookmark panel
2011-05-15 Yoann LaissusNull action for root bk folder in the bar
2011-05-12 Andrea DiamantiniOpen source code by loading the page HTML instead of...
2011-05-11 Andrea DiamantiniDeveloper tool: set content editable.
2011-05-10 Albert Astals CidConvert these extracomment to comment
2011-05-09 Andrea DiamantiniUse of QSignalMapper for switchToTab() method in terms...
2011-05-09 Andrea DiamantiniNumber the favorites pages to "suggest" numeric shortcu...
2011-05-09 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-05-08 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-04-27 Andrea Diamantinirekonq 0.7.51
2011-04-27 Andrea DiamantiniImported Opera feature to load favorite page with numbe...
2011-04-27 Andrea Diamantini- A new option to set/unset the current bookmark bar...
2011-04-22 Andrea DiamantiniLetting rekonq URL popup behaves as Chrome's and Firefo...
2011-04-11 Felix Rohrbachfirefox-like autoscroll look
2011-04-10 Felix RohrbachMake rekonq desktop aware
2011-04-09 Andrea DiamantiniAdBlock Improvements:
2011-04-09 Andrea DiamantiniFix History ordering (check about:history page before...
2011-04-07 Andrea DiamantiniUse esc button to renew the url seen in the urlbar
2011-04-07 Andrea DiamantiniAdd bookmarks by dropping inside the bk toolbar.
2011-04-07 Andrea DiamantiniDe-parent providers instances and delete them on close...
2011-04-04 Andrea DiamantiniThis commit, available just for the master branch cause...
2011-04-04 Felix RohrbachFix quit action
2011-04-04 Panagiotis... fix string :-)
2011-04-04 Andrea DiamantiniMinimum height to 20. Like Konqi...
2011-04-04 Andrea DiamantiniFix string
2011-04-04 Andrea DiamantiniDrop plain-text urls on urlbar
2011-04-04 Andrea DiamantiniRemove unused strings
2011-04-03 Andrea Diamantinirekonq 0.7.50
2011-04-03 Andrea DiamantiniThis commit aims to fix a long standing rekonq bug...
2011-04-03 Andrea DiamantiniRekonq 0.7 first stable release, yeah!!