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last changeTue, 4 Mar 2014 15:55:37 +0000 (15:55 +0000)
2014-03-04 Manuel Braga[ammt] add wrapper for data value stored/loaded master
2014-03-04 Manuel Braga[ammt] rewrite instrument caller to pass the data value
2014-03-03 Manuel Braga[ammt] ignore not interesting instructions
2014-03-03 Manuel Braga[ammt] move buffer print to host side
2014-01-13 Manuel Braga[ltv] uptodate register fields
2014-01-06 Manuel Braga[ltv] uptodate register fields
2013-12-16 Manuel Braga[tools] a trace catcher
2013-12-16 Manuel Bragafill in readme
2013-12-16 Manuel Bragasome restructuring
2013-11-12 Manuel Braga[ltv] uptodate register fields
2013-11-11 Manuel Braga[ltv] add missing ioctl names
2013-11-11 Manuel Braga[ammt] target can be multiply open
2013-11-06 Manuel Braga[ltv] add print of clientmsgs
2013-11-06 Manuel Braga[ltv] add end of trace marker
2013-11-04 Manuel Braga[ltv] nibble changes with datasize
2013-10-27 Manuel Braga[ammt] suppress when memcpy src is in target
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