build the webcam version
[rdex:client.git] / TODO
2009-10-27 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex-client: boost reaction size; fix seeding to match...
2009-10-26 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex-*: more to do
2009-10-18 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex-client: prioritise
2009-09-16 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex-client: as used to render video
2009-04-04 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex uploads to rdex-server
2009-04-01 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: icon
2008-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allentexture feature library save and load
2008-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allensome sort of texture feature extraction
2008-11-03 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex docs update
2008-11-03 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: fullscreen with F11, fixed perspective, updated...
2008-11-03 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: fixed rolling ball implementation (transposed...
2008-11-03 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: rationalize Makefile
2008-11-02 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: depth sorting of library points (now stored in...
2008-11-02 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: remove dead code, add library session load and...
2008-11-02 Claude Heiland-Allenrdex: prune dead code, TODO list