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last changeThu, 27 Sep 2012 10:23:36 +0000 (12:23 +0200)
2012-09-27 Giuseppe Bilottabdb: message when wrong bdb module is loaded master
2012-09-26 Giuseppe Bilottalastfm: match latest API changes
2012-09-21 Giuseppe Bilottapoll: usual gettext frozen string issues
2012-09-21 Giuseppe Bilottapoll: handle privately-asked polls
2012-09-21 Giuseppe Bilottapoll: restart/close polls that were running
2012-09-21 Giuseppe Bilottapoll: oopsie in the gettext string for poll status
2012-09-14 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: improve ddg output with missing sources
2012-09-14 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: thread the new engines too
2012-09-14 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: rbot-ize wolframalpha
2012-09-14 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: preliminary Wolfram Alpha support
2012-09-13 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: some ddg reworking
2012-09-13 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: be more rbot-ish in ddg
2012-09-13 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: preliminary duckduckgo support
2012-09-10 Giuseppe Bilottachucknorris: typo
2012-09-10 Giuseppe Bilottasearch: fix google calc scraping
2012-08-31 Giuseppe Bilottamarkov: be more robust about flaky dbs
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