last changeFri, 4 Jun 2010 04:45:44 +0000 (00:45 -0400)
2010-06-04 Nicholas TryonAdding a proof-of-concept .wps based on LucidLore master
2010-06-04 Nicholas TryonGive a progress update of sorts
2010-06-04 Nicholas Tryonunhide the bitmap if the moodfile was hidden
2010-06-04 Nicholas Tryoncomments/TODO
2010-06-02 Nicholas Tryonchange BMP type and use the enum
2010-06-02 Nicholas Tryonfinally remove the hardcoded length and width
2010-06-02 Nicholas Tryonchange QPixmap-->QImage to use CLI instead of GUI
2010-05-29 Nicholas TryonSilly me, forgetting a copy of the actual license text.
2010-05-28 Nicholas TryonAdd comments, some from moodManager.cpp, some TODO...
2010-05-28 Nicholas Tryontaking out some commented code
2010-05-28 Nicholas TryonGPLv2+ block verbatim from moodbarManager.cpp
2010-05-28 Nicholas TryonForgotten what exactly I've done since the last commit...
2010-05-22 Nicholas Tryonmake the file dialog more convenient
2010-05-22 Nicholas TryonMaking it a bit more ruby-like, i.e. more like techbase...
2010-05-22 Nicholas Tryongetting rid of the hardcoded filename
2010-05-22 Nicholas Tryoninitial commit with testing code still in there
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