last changeWed, 27 Oct 2010 22:40:19 +0000 (00:40 +0200)
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniblackbox tests: update (fix spurious timeout-related... master
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: first real tests for hashing subrutines
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: bugfix in generation of C source files
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: enable GCC warnings
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinicosmetic: remove an extra trailing empty line
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinicosmetics: Makefile for unit tests
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: expose ratfor internals better in test...
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: build a ratfor static library, for testing
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattariniunit tests: more scaffolding
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinicosmetics: use consistent indentation in Makefile
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinicosmetics (hash): better use of "for" loop
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinihash (refactor): better params and vars names
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinihash (refactor): better subroutines incapsulation
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinirefactor: rename sources for hash-tables subroutines
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinibuild: do not try to enable C99, C89 is ok
2010-10-27 Stefano Lattarinitests: enable color and paralles tests globally.
8 years ago v1.0r alpha release 1.0r
8 years ago v1.0q alpha release 1.0q
8 years ago gitorious-first First commit since C Ratfor switch...
8 years ago gpl-first C Ratfor license is now GPLv3+
8 years ago v1.0p alpha release 1.0p
8 years ago v1.0o alpha release 1.0o
8 years ago v1.0n alpha release 1.0n
8 years ago v1.0m alpha release 1.0m
8 years ago v1.0l alpha release 1.0l
8 years ago v1.0k alpha release 1.0k
8 years ago v1.0j alpha release 1.0j
8 years ago v1.0i alpha release 1.0i
8 years ago v1.0h alpha release 1.0h
8 years ago v1.0g alpha release 1.0g
8 years ago v1.0f alpha release 1.0f
8 years ago before-big-refactoring about to begin a big refactoring...
7 years ago master
7 years ago gnulib
8 years ago docfix