last changeFri, 21 Jan 2011 20:28:22 +0000 (17:28 -0300)
2011-01-21 Adriano RezendeUse alias for current property instead of variant master
2011-01-21 Adriano RezendeChanged MainWindow to inherit from QDeclarativeView
2011-01-21 Adriano RezendeReplaced Image element to a custom PixmapItem element
2010-06-29 Adriano RezendeAdded opengl viewport option
2010-06-29 Adriano RezendeAdded scale adjustment to improve page readability
2010-06-29 Adriano RezendeFixed kinetic scroll to avoid wrong recoil when stopping
2010-06-29 Adriano RezendeIncreased kinetic friction for scrolling
2010-06-28 Adriano RezendeAdded Tab navigation support for portrait and landscape...
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeAdded MobileWebPage that will be used by MobileWebView
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeAdjusted toolbar to show progress only when it's higher...
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeExport title property for MobileWebView
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeAdded method to take snapshots from MobileWebView
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeAdded more file extensions to .gitignore file
2010-06-27 Adriano RezendeAdjusted application to use raster engine for maemo
2010-06-21 Adriano RezendeAdded browser code bootstrap
2010-06-20 Adriano RezendeAdded resource images that will be used for 800x480...
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