last changeSat, 10 Sep 2011 08:14:23 +0000 (05:14 -0300)
2011-09-10 bootsectorRemoved old Nunchuk sample sketch. Cosmetic changes. master
2011-09-09 bootsectorAdded support to wiimote encryption, classic controller...
2011-02-04 Peter Brinkmannadded function for joystick and accelerometer
2011-02-02 Peter Brinkmannnow with support for streaming bytes from Arduino
2011-02-01 Peter Brinkmannnow fully bidirectional
2011-01-30 Peter Brinkmannnow with support for sending bytes to Arduino
2011-01-28 Peter Brinkmannimproved comment
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmanncosmetic improvement
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmannminor addition
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmannnow with BSD license
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmannfirst stab at documentation
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmannseparated library from demo code
2011-01-24 Peter Brinkmannmostly functional by now...
2011-01-23 Peter Brinkmannfirst working example of joystick input
2011-01-23 Peter Brinkmanninitial checkin; recognized as nunchuk
12 years ago master