last changeSat, 9 Feb 2013 02:01:05 +0000 (15:01 +1300)
2013-02-09 Jamie LoveUpdate r-node to work with the latest stable version... master
2011-07-24 Jamie LoveFix r-node so it works on IE8 (and probably IE7), and...
2011-02-16 Jamie LoveTry a different approach to getting Nodejs to find
2011-02-14 Jamie LoveHopefully fix issue which is stopping the server from...
2011-02-11 Jamie LoveSmall change to work with latest NodeJS.
2010-10-16 Jamie LoveIssue 35: Support global R scripts and per-user R scripts.
2010-10-04 Jamie LoveIssue #40 rerun query after user re-logs in.
2010-10-04 Jamie LoveIssue #40 Support re-logging in after failure.
2010-10-04 Jamie LoveIssue #38 - Avoid needing a sid with the pager.
2010-09-30 Jamie LoveIssue 37: Be careful about deleting Rconnections.
2010-09-28 Jamie LoveSupport barplot as a graph type.
2010-06-26 Jamie LoveUpdate TODO file.
2010-06-26 Jamie LoveUse 'utf8' for the encoding of readFile in all situations.
2010-06-26 Jamie LoveFix bug that was stopping r-node working with latest...
2010-05-31 Jamie LoveFor single R server situations, use the global SID.
2010-05-30 Jamie LoveSupport R v2.10 help.
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