last changeTue, 28 Jun 2011 08:40:57 +0000 (16:40 +0800)
2011-06-28 Aleksey KsenzovAdded Autocompletion mode edit master
2011-01-13 Alexander AnokhinAdded editing rules for applications
2011-01-12 Alexander AnokhinAdded removing rules for applications
2011-01-12 Alexander AnokhinRenamed classes and widgets
2011-01-12 Alexander AnokhinIgnores added
2011-01-12 Alexander AnokhinAdded roles for applications model
2011-01-02 Boris MoiseevRemoved Ui inheritance in one more widget
2011-01-01 Boris MoiseevSome inner code optimizations
2011-01-01 Boris MoiseevFixed applying the xneur settings on-the fly.
2011-01-01 Boris MoiseevFixed up viewing of the per-application settings
2011-01-01 Boris MoiseevFixed up the building with CMake (yes, once again)
2010-12-30 Alexander AnokhinView applications list
2010-12-29 Alexander AnokhinApplication settings dialog changes
2010-02-16 Boris MoiseevAdded the PropertyMapper utility class to build
2010-02-03 BorisResolved some translation issues
2010-02-03 Boris MoiseevDeclared the Q_PROPERTY'ies for most of the config...
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