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2012-07-01 Julian Fuchspaper: another round of typo and spelling fixes master
2012-07-01 Julian Fuchspresentation: Move first concept for presentation in...
2012-07-01 Julian Fuchspaper: Change \section{...} to \Section{...}
2012-07-01 Julian Fuchspaper: Change special characters to UTF-8
2012-07-01 Oliver Brunspaper: another round of typo and spelling fixes
2012-07-01 Paulfixed some language/ mistakes
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2012-07-01 Paul- Important changes of the chapters "Motivation" and...
2012-06-30 Oliver Brunspaper: add implementation and technology specific notes...
2012-06-30 Oliver Brunspaper: perform first round of typo and spelling fixes
2012-06-30 Oliver Brunspaper: vim: add modeline to ease formatting
2012-06-30 Oliver Brunspaper: tex: allow UTF-8 characters in input
2012-06-22 Julian Fuchspaper: Change "Domain-specific Languages" to "domänensp...
2012-06-22 PaulChapters "Einleitung" and "Ausblick" added.
2012-06-21 Julian Fuchspaper: Add a second iteration of the paper
2012-06-20 Julian Fuchspaper: Add images of dsl-syntax
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