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2010-07-06 Thomas Fannestpm master
2010-07-06 Thomas FannesCreated basic SafeCommand class
2010-05-19 Thomas Fannesadded commands for creating, moving and renaming basic...
2010-05-11 Thomas Fanneslasbdlaksd
2010-05-09 Thomas Fannesupdating commands, dirty
2010-05-05 Thomas FannesAdded new basic functionality
2010-05-04 Thomas FannesAdded basic unit tests for QualifiedNameParser (in...
2010-05-04 Thomas Fannesmajor refactoring of way to store children:
2010-04-28 Thomas FannesUpdated the methodObject so that the relators work...
2010-04-28 Thomas Fannescreating methods and operations through the controller
2010-04-27 Thomas FannesUsing rules for checking names, right type of parent...
2010-04-27 tfannesStarted working on refactoring by using rules
2010-04-25 Thomas FannesAdded the interface + basic classes to use rules for...
2010-04-21 Thomas Fannesmore comments
2010-04-19 Thomas Fannesupdated documentation
2010-04-19 Thomas FannesUpdated the relatedElement / attachedElement and added...
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