last changeTue, 18 May 2010 00:55:30 +0000 (20:55 -0400)
2010-05-18 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed two party -> project_name. master
2010-05-15 Will Kahn-GreeneCoerce webob into making all param values unicode.
2010-05-14 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed create so it applies substitutions to template...
2010-05-03 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed paths in README; added .wsgi file.
2010-05-03 Will Kahn-GreeneUpdated README with better installation/usage instructions.
2010-05-01 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded config param for local_templates.
2010-05-01 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded commented out sqlobject dep.
2010-05-01 Will Kahn-GreeneCosmetic tweak to make it easier to add dependencies.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded a note about args to main so I don't have to...
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed so quickly doesn't have to be installed.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneTweaked the script to run with and without Quickly.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded a README.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneMore cleanup and fixes.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneAdding emptyconfig.json.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded README and wsgi.ini files.
2010-04-29 Will Kahn-GreeneMore cleanup.
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