last changeSun, 10 Jun 2012 18:18:13 +0000 (11:18 -0700)
2012-06-10 Johannes Zellneradd some small panel example master
2012-06-10 Johannes Zellneruse more values from the style item
2012-06-10 Johannes Zellneradd license header
2012-06-10 Johannes Zellnerremove unused settings plugin
2012-06-08 Johannes Zellneradd json files for plugins
2012-06-08 Johannes Zellnerfix widget_gallery
2012-06-08 Johannes Zellnerhonor style animation duration in folderview
2012-06-08 Johannes Zellnermajor improvements to the videoplayer
2012-06-08 Johannes Zellneradd RowLayout and ColumnLayout
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellnerfix icon lookup
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellnermake the video demo a bit more usable
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellneradd simple thumbnail getter
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellneruse folderlistmodel from labs and remove selfmade
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellnercheck for empty name or invalid size
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellneradd some small video fading
2012-06-07 Johannes Zellneradd sample video player and honor startup argument
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