last changeThu, 14 May 2015 10:36:18 +0000 (10:36 +0000)
2015-05-14 Qt Testconfig... Set various configurations enforcing master
2015-05-13 Tony SarajärviRemove RHEL65 from 5.5 & dev branch builds
2015-05-13 Alex BlascheMacOSX is officially supported by QtLocation
2015-05-13 Alex BlascheSet RHEL 6.6 to force success
2015-05-12 Tony SarajärviRemove configuration that isn't used
2015-05-12 Tony SarajärviRemove win81 from QtQA builds as the OS conf is buggy
2015-05-11 Qt Testconfig... Set various configurations enforcing
2015-05-08 Alex BlascheBuild QtLocation and QtConnectivity for iOS
2015-05-04 Simon HausmannProspective fix for QtQA master integrations
2015-04-30 Friedemann... Restore forcesuccess for qttools / RHEL_6.6.
2015-04-28 Qt Testconfig... QtBase, QtWayland, QtWebEngine: set some configs enforcing
2015-04-24 Qt Testconfig... Set various configurations enforcing
2015-04-22 Qt Testconfig... QtPim, QtWayland, QtWebChannel: set some configs enforcing
2015-04-21 Tony SarajärviRemove unnecessary configuration
2015-04-16 Qt Testconfig... QtWebKit: set some configs enforcing
2015-04-15 Tony SarajärviAdd 5.4.2 config to testconfig
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