last changeThu, 26 Feb 2015 14:35:53 +0000 (14:35 +0000)
2015-02-26 Tony SarajärviUpdate puppet modules with new host info master
2015-02-26 Tony SarajärviUpdate testresults host content with new domain name
2015-02-26 Tony SarajärviUpdate links in QtMetrics
2015-02-13 Tony SarajärviChange ssh config to allow different sub networks
2015-01-08 Matti PaasoUpdating windows openssl version for Android
2014-11-11 Heikki HalmetChange openssl version to 1.0.1j
2014-10-29 Heikki HalmetRemove android puppet module
2014-10-29 Heikki HalmetChange Android ndk version to the latest
2014-10-27 Heikki HalmetUpdate Android sdk for Ubuntu
2014-10-16 Heikki HalmetUpdate squish packages
2014-10-14 Heikki HalmetAdd MinGW 4.9.1 to Windows 7 CI - and Packaging nodes
2014-09-16 Simo FältIcecream: Disable on startup
2014-09-16 Simo FältJenkins: Install extended E-mail plugin
2014-09-08 Heikki HalmetAdd libcap-dev to Ubuntu nodes
2014-08-26 Simo FältOpenSuSE: Installing bluez devel package
2014-08-22 Heikki HalmetChange url address to use $input in mingw482 module
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