last changeWed, 6 Feb 2013 08:01:54 +0000 (09:01 +0100)
2013-02-06 Edwin KempinUpdate release notes for Gerrit 2.5.2 v2.5.2-based v2.5.2
2013-02-06 Edwin KempinMerge "Discard cache-automerge/* refs early in VisibleR...
2013-02-06 David PursehouseUpdate 2.5.2 release notes with info about commit-msg...
2013-02-05 David PursehouseUnset GREP_OPTIONS in the commit-msg hook
2013-02-04 Gustaf LundhDiscard cache-automerge/* refs early in VisibleRefFilter.
2013-02-01 Edwin KempinRemove wrong error message if pushing a new ref fails
2013-01-30 Saša ŽivkovMerge "Prepare release notes for Gerrit 2.5.2" into...
2013-01-30 Edwin KempinPrepare release notes for Gerrit 2.5.2
2013-01-29 Shawn O. PearceAllow time unit variables to be 0
2013-01-23 Shawn PearceMerge "Improve SMTP client error messages" into stable-2.5
2013-01-23 Magnus BäckImprove SMTP client error messages
2013-01-23 Magnus BäckRemove Mailing-List header from sent meails
2013-01-10 Edwin KempinCreate ref for new patch set on direct push (second...
2013-01-09 Edwin KempinRevert "Create ref for new patch set on direct push"
2013-01-09 Edwin KempinCreate ref for new patch set on direct push
2012-12-28 Sasa ZivkovFix: don't display all files from a merge-commit when...
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