last changeSat, 23 Feb 2013 21:00:34 +0000 (22:00 +0100)
2013-02-23 Mad FishImproved support for high-DPI displays. master
2012-05-10 Mad FishBetter struts handling for non-trivial multimonitor...
2011-12-28 Mad FishFixed parsing of .desktop files containing other sections.
2011-12-10 Mad FishDo not hardcode clock applet size.
2011-12-10 Mad FishFaster (exponential) animation for dock items.
2011-12-10 Mad FishPosition all dock items instantly when starting.
2011-12-10 Mad FishAdded configuration option for panel vertical position.
2011-12-10 Mad FishDon't add tray icon twice.
2011-12-10 Mad FishIcon loader is now able to handle icons that have been...
2011-10-30 Mad FishMade non-composited tray icons work (with a black backg...
2011-10-10 Mad FishDo not allow tray icon resizes.
2011-06-19 Mad FishBetter mouse interaction in dock applet.
2011-05-08 Mad FishHeavily improved applications menu.
2011-05-05 Mad FishStarted configuration system.
2011-05-05 Mad FishDon't crash when no WM_HINTS on window.
2011-05-04 Mad FishShow urgency in dock.
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