2011-07-07 Donald CarrFix up key compression code v0.3
2011-07-07 Donald CarrPrimitive key compression to prevent event avalanche...
2011-07-07 Johannes Zellnerdo not insert DotDot into playlist
2011-07-07 Johannes ZellnerPreviewUrlRole should be QUrl
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanAlso copy DisplayRole
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanMediaScanner is not thread-safe, so use invokeMethod...
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanCorrect usage of QSqlDatabase in a threaded world
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanAdd missing ~MediaModel
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanClear the gui thread db connection and remove it
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanClear database variable, to avoid warning when closing...
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanDisable playlist debug
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanAdd another data overload
2011-07-06 Girish Ramakrishnannext() and previous() now return the current index
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanPlaylist redesign
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanAdd currentScanPath property to scanner
2011-07-06 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-07-06 Johannes Zellneradd Flat and Recoursive playlist building
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanTurn off debugs in MediaModel
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanDon't compile out query errors
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanMediaScanner now refreshes when parsers get added
2011-07-06 Girish Ramakrishnancompile
2011-07-06 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-07-06 Johannes Zellnerstupid escaping by me
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanFix the debug
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanAdd a reset() that is useful for the PathView hack
2011-07-06 Girish RamakrishnanMake sure we call initialize after layoutInfo and media...
2011-07-06 Johannes Zellnermake video title detection a bit more clever
2011-07-06 Johannes Zellnerfix playlist if no mediaType is set
2011-07-05 Donald Carrcontract command line arg and default to use sys tray
2011-07-05 Johannes Zellnerremove unneeded enum containing media-class
2011-07-05 Johannes Zellnercleanup still not finished playlist code a bit
2011-07-04 Johannes Zellnermake Playlist::Replace role work
2011-07-04 Johannes Zellnermake playlist work somehow, early stage for v0.3
2011-07-04 Johannes Zellneradd year and month as extra fields for pictures in db
2011-07-01 Donald CarrWhole stack is transparent except for topmost container...
2011-07-01 Donald CarrIntroduce FPS metric for demoing/testing
2011-07-01 Donald CarrMove non-GL specific code into common ground
2011-07-01 Donald CarrRemove bogus paintEvent
2011-07-01 Johannes Zellnerfix thumbnails also for videos
2011-07-01 Johannes Zellnerstore full uri to thumbnail also for pictures
2011-07-01 Girish RamakrishnanReturn a string since that is what QML url properties...
2011-07-01 Girish RamakrishnanUse QUrl::fromLocalFile
2011-07-01 Johannes Zellnerfix music thumbnail storing in db
2011-07-01 Girish RamakrishnanRemove all the old media models
2011-07-01 Girish RamakrishnanStore thumbnail images outside the database and in...
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanAdd copyright headers
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanRename to buildQuery()
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanMerge branch 'mediamodel'
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanOptimize data structure so that ::data is fast
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanMinor cleanups
2011-06-30 Girish Ramakrishnanindex is not unused
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanMake the query builder more readable
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanCache the parsed structure information
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanCode beautification
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanMove begin/endResetModel to initialize
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanSet loading to true
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanFix SQL injection
2011-06-30 Girish RamakrishnanOptimize the query builder
2011-06-28 Donald CarrQML1 shader plugin is now part of Qt 4.7.4, so we no...
2011-06-28 Johannes Zellneradd isLeaf data role
2011-06-28 Johannes Zellneruse double quotes for sql queries
2011-06-28 Johannes Zellneradd stubs to make the qml debugger and analyzer work
2011-06-28 Johannes Zellneronly start inserting if sql-query records is not empty
2011-06-22 Girish RamakrishnanAdd .. role
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanExpose the current part
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanRemove unused depth property
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanAllow entering .. in leaf node
2011-06-21 Girish Ramakrishnansubpart hack
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanBetter display strings for grouped cols
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanDon't enter leaf nodes
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanAdd support for ..
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanDistinct
2011-06-21 Donald Carrremove radio application from core
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanBasic x|y|z
2011-06-21 Donald CarrRemove terminal mode application
2011-06-21 Donald CarrRemove broken by design skin by german anarchist with...
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanMore fixing
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanA QML Example
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanCursor support
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanInitial MediaModel
2011-06-21 Johannes Zellnerregister ActionMapper to qml again
2011-06-21 Johannes Zellneradd game keymap
2011-06-21 Johannes Zellneruse postEvent rather than sendEvent
2011-06-21 Johannes Zellnerfix broken new actionmapper to some extend
2011-06-21 Johannes Zellnerbuggy new actionmapper
2011-06-21 Girish Ramakrishnanavahi is now a config/runtime option
2011-06-21 Girish RamakrishnanCONFIG+=no-avahi now disables avahi
2011-06-20 Girish RamakrishnanAdd TitleRole v0.2
2011-06-20 Girish RamakrishnanSince index is valid, checking the row's range is unnec...
2011-06-20 Donald Carrdon't ever trust message for qmake debugging, it has...
2011-06-20 Girish RamakrishnanPrint error when exec fails
2011-06-20 Donald CarrFix Creator representation
2011-06-19 Girish RamakrishnanFix south african speling
2011-06-19 Girish RamakrishnanReturn Null when key was not found
2011-06-19 Girish RamakrishnanMake Null as -1 to keep it compatible with older remotes
2011-06-19 Girish RamakrishnanSimplify display text in music and video model
2011-06-19 Girish RamakrishnanDon't display file path as part of the title
2011-06-19 Donald CarrPrinciple commit
2011-06-19 Donald CarrTrack patches required to build Qt Media Hub without...
2011-06-18 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...