2011-09-27 Johannes Zellnerfix wrong condition in pro file for selecting the overl... vlcbackend
2011-09-27 Johannes Zellnerremove unneeded source file inclusion in media.pri
2011-09-27 Johannes Zellnermove mediaplayervlc to src/ folder
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellnermake AbstractMediaPlayer a QDeclarativeItem so the...
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellnerset and get position now behaves like MultimediaKit
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellneradd seekable
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellnerfix volume change
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellnerintermediate commit to save current working state
2011-09-26 Johannes Zellneradd libvlc mediaplayer implementation
2011-09-24 Johannes Zellnerremove QMHMediaInfo.qml since there is no need to make...
2011-09-23 Donald CarrUpdate license on shader effects
2011-09-23 Donald CarrDelete all spurious libexif content (including Talko...
2011-09-23 Donald CarrGL tom foolery is really dubious and subject to group...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerrename VideoPlayer to MediaPlayer
2011-09-22 Girish RamakrishnanDon't expose videoPlayer element, we alias and expose...
2011-09-22 Girish RamakrishnanRemove dead comment
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellneruse qlonglong instead of int in rpc called method for...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerlet audio visualization run even if Qt.application...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerreplace QPointer with QWeakPointer as recommended by...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerremove private property 'isValid', if videoPlayer would...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerremove unused mediaElement item
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnersave and restore volume to/from config file in QMHPlayer
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellneradd additional F9/F10 for volumeUp/Down in stdkeymap
2011-09-22 Girish RamakrishnanRework media player.
2011-09-22 Girish RamakrishnanCreate the binary in bin/
2011-09-21 Girish Ramakrishnans/refcountedcache.h/refcountcache.h
2011-09-21 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-09-21 Johannes Zellnerremove obsolete/wrong documentation in the INSTALL...
2011-09-21 Girish RamakrishnanRemove randomText which is not used anywhere
2011-09-21 Girish RamakrishnanresourcePath can be a string
2011-09-21 Donald CarrAdd runtime sg animation vsync toggle
2011-09-21 Donald CarrFurther tweaking for SG usage
2011-09-20 Donald CarrGet QMH compiling with Qt 5
2011-09-20 Donald CarrAdd Qt5 specific build flags
2011-09-20 Donald CarrAdd qt5 check to .qmake.cache
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanImplement wrapAround property for Playlist
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanFix my breakage after upgrading to latest json code.
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanUse setupViewport instead of setViewport.
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanFix coding style from 12163f37460ff40fc98fd9dda5bfcfc45...
2011-09-20 Marcel Schuettemoved overview files to qtmediahub
2011-09-20 Marcel Schuettemoved file to qtmediahub repo
2011-09-20 Johannes Zellnerforward inputContext requests to rpc
2011-09-20 Johannes Zellnerif call() is called on rpcconnection, which is in serve...
2011-09-20 Johannes Zellnerremove debug outpug
2011-09-20 Johannes Zellnerintermediate fix for rpc...when json is fixed please...
2011-09-19 Donald CarrIntroduce driven fps counter for Johannes' soul
2011-09-19 Donald CarrRevert "change fps counter to tell us the Qt painting...
2011-09-19 Johannes Zellnerchange fps counter to tell us the Qt painting truth
2011-09-19 Johannes Zellneradd initial stub for inputcontext handling
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanDisplay version from manifest
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanGet name of skin from the manifest
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanUse skin.manifest to detect skins
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanUpgrade to latest qjsonparser
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanUse skin.manifest to display skin meta information
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanReturn QList<QObject *> instead
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanSkinSelector is now qml based.
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanPass the SkinManager to SkinSelector
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanSkin discovery is now moved into a new class SkinManager
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanFix typo
2011-09-16 Girish RamakrishnanReplace // with / in qar file paths
2011-09-16 Johannes Zellnerremove all symbian stuff, as it will never be proper...
2011-09-16 Johannes Zellner - default PREFIX is now project root AND /usr/local
2011-09-16 Johannes Zellnerremove 'hub' folder
2011-09-15 Donald CarrFix my breakage which pollutes library population
2011-09-15 Donald CarrFix Johannes' breakage of keymap loading
2011-09-15 Donald CarrKill superfluous msg
2011-09-15 Donald Carrin-source builds really should be the default since...
2011-09-15 Donald CarrShuffle scripts around to handle the Neb's fookery
2011-09-15 Johannes Zellnerheavy prefix refactoring!
2011-09-14 Donald CarrAdd snes parser for emulation support
2011-09-14 Donald CarrUnwidgetify QMH in anticipation of testing Scenegraph...
2011-09-13 Johannes Zellneruse F5-F8 as default for media control
2011-09-13 Johannes Zellnerif no skin set and default skin is not available, use...
2011-09-09 Girish RamakrishnanAdd support for qar files
2011-09-07 Johannes Zellneradd hackish support for the remote keyboard
2011-09-07 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-09-07 Johannes Zellnerback action should not hijack backspace
2011-09-06 Donald CarrGirish: Fix over correction for dotdot item
2011-09-06 Girish RamakrishnanRevert "Implement wrapAround property for Playlist"
2011-09-06 Thomas SenykAdded duration to QHMPlayer (getting from QMHVideoItemB...
2011-09-05 Johannes Zellnerdont error() on qmake cache creation..breaks build...
2011-09-03 Johannes Zellneradjust technisat remote
2011-09-03 Johannes Zellnerlet particles fade-in/out in overlay mode
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanMake is possible to move the window v0.73
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanAdd playing binding v0.72
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanFix coding style
2011-09-01 Donald Carrreintroduce no-gst option v0.71
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanMake all the slots Q_SCRIPTABLE
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanAdd MediaScanner::availableParserPlugins
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanDon't try to play if currentIndex is -1
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanImplement wrapAround property for Playlist
2011-09-01 Donald CarrMake the qmake build feedback more central/rational
2011-09-01 Donald CarrUse allow for disabling of pkg-config usage
2011-09-01 Donald CarrEnable explicit override of remote mode for non-remote...
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanRemove Q_SCRIPTABLE from the AbstractMediaPlayer
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanAdd the necessary C++ functions for overlaymode playback
2011-08-31 Johannes Zellneradd process key events for actionmapper
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanRemove m_repeatingKeys unused variable
2011-08-31 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-08-31 Johannes Zellnercursor is now on runtime