2012-06-27 Donald CarrFix up QMH runtime options/settings master
2012-06-27 Donald CarrAdditional later day Qt 5 related changes
2012-05-19 Donald CarrFix comma usage in qmake message, doh
2012-05-19 Donald CarrAdd platform notes for mac and display them on configure
2012-05-19 Donald CarrMove to using QUnifiedTimer on mac by default
2012-05-19 Donald CarrHack in the right plugin location for ./hub deployment
2012-05-19 Donald CarrDeposit app bundle where script expects it to be
2012-05-19 Donald CarrGuard resizing to sane values
2012-05-18 Donald CarrDocument mac requirements
2012-05-18 Donald CarrRemove shroud of mystery from dbus message
2012-05-14 Donald CarrMake skin selector a little less sociopathic
2012-05-12 Donald CarrRemove build errors
2012-05-12 Donald CarrRemove warning
2012-05-11 Bhooshan SupeChnaged to use overlayMode for player to always to...
2012-05-10 Donald CarrRemove spurious warnings from compile log
2012-05-10 Donald CarrCleanup cruft
2012-05-10 Donald CarrReduce compile output to warnings/errors by default
2012-05-08 Donald CarrRemove use of legacy QDeclarative structures
2012-05-04 Donald CarrQt4 should always define widget support
2012-05-04 Donald CarrSanitize plugins
2012-05-04 Donald CarrRemove Qt namespace stuff from our code
2012-05-03 Donald CarrFix relative paths after Johannes' shuffling of dirs
2012-05-03 Donald CarrFix compilation against Qt 5 HEAD qt5-specific-wip
2012-05-03 Donald CarrRemove custom symbol exporting
2012-05-01 NokiaQtAdded configure options to disable OpenGL and DBus
2012-05-01 Johannes Zellnerdisable LastFM cover art provider for now since it...
2012-04-27 Donald CarrPartial reversion of 9f3e1e5156f7622a4fcf75ea79f2bb315f...
2012-04-26 Donald CarrAdd qt style no options to configure
2012-04-26 Donald CarrDocument quirks in generate .qmake.cache file
2012-04-26 Donald CarrImplement prefix option for configure
2012-04-26 Donald CarrShamelessly swipe some configure action from Qt proper
2012-04-24 Donald CarrUpdate plugins for Qt 5
2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdjust license for Gerrit migration
2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdjust license header file
2012-04-22 Donald CarrAdd back dirmodel until migration is complete
2012-04-22 Girish RamakrishnanFix defines before including config.h
2012-04-22 Girish RamakrishnanMake taglib use the Qt zlib when possible
2012-04-20 Donald CarrRemove contentious logo
2012-04-20 Donald CarrUpdate INSTALL doc
2012-04-20 Donald CarrAdd Copyright header to repo
2012-04-20 Donald CarrRemove Indt's tar file engine code
2012-04-19 Donald CarrMust be the germans again, surely. Zulu germans
2012-04-19 Donald CarrDocument .qmake.cache's existence
2012-04-19 Donald CarrReintroduce dummy implementation broken by the germans
2012-04-19 NokiaQtAdded option for device specific media player integrati...
2012-04-18 Donald CarrImprove configure error message
2012-04-18 Donald CarrTweak QMH for shadow building
2012-04-18 Donald CarrMigrate Qt 5 stuff entirely away from QWidget dependency
2012-04-18 Donald CarrMove mediaplayer specializations into their own nest
2012-04-18 Donald CarrAllow shadow builds
2012-04-18 Donald CarrMigrate from dual qmake running to social acceptable...
2012-04-17 Donald CarrI can't remember the purpose of the second patch, first...
2012-04-13 Thomas Senykups :)
2012-04-13 Thomas Senykadded fallback return value in MediaModel::indexById
2012-04-13 Thomas Senykrestruct httpserver/client code/paretness/thread structure
2012-04-12 Donald CarrRestore hacky event delivery rather than the complete...
2012-04-12 Thomas SenykMediaModel::getIdList() adds a -1 for dotdot
2012-04-12 Thomas Senykchanging default log-output back to std
2012-04-12 Thomas Senykupdated code structure within httclient
2012-04-10 Donald CarrAdjust my email address in headers
2012-04-10 Donald CarrSync up Qt 5 skinselector
2012-04-09 Johannes Zellnerfix window size and fullscreen for Qt5
2012-04-09 Johannes Zellnerinclude unistd to fix 4.8.1 build
2012-03-31 Johannes Zellnerprint warning about missing event filter usage in Qt5
2012-03-30 Thomas Senykchanging httpserver/client cleanup
2012-03-30 Bernd WeimerRemoved avahi
2012-03-29 Thomas Senykrestruct creation of httpclient
2012-03-29 Thomas Senykfollow-up commit for dc4e5ee3f1
2012-03-29 Thomas Senykfixing qdeclarative include
2012-03-28 Thomas Senykadded back-channel for contextcontent
2012-03-28 Johannes Zellnerfix stdkeymap
2012-03-28 Johannes Zellnerremove debug output
2012-03-28 NokiaQtChanged to fix crash for QWS platforms due to incomplet...
2012-03-27 Johannes Zellnerrevert context key in keymap to meta
2012-03-27 Thomas SenykMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2012-03-27 Thomas Senykfirst commit for ContextContent (for contextual-remote)
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChanged to add playback support for Trident Shiner...
2012-03-27 Johannes Zellneruse 'Menu' key instead of 'Meta' for stdkeyboardmap
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChanged to add media playback support for ST7540
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChanged to add media playback support for ST7105
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChanged to add support for Trident Shiner's GstTsPlayer
2012-03-27 NokiaQtAdded for ST7108 media playback support
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChnaged to add media playback support for ST7108
2012-03-27 NokiaQtChanged to fix resume issue on hardware boards
2012-03-27 Johannes Zellneradd option to disable DotDot data entry in media model
2012-03-23 Thomas SenykMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2012-03-23 Thomas Senykfixing picture-http-request
2012-03-22 Shrikant DhumalAdded support for "out of process" mediaplayback for...
2012-03-22 Thomas SenykMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2012-03-22 Thomas SenykFixing InputContext (now know as InputNotifier) for...
2012-03-22 Johannes Zellneradd sqlCondition property for media model
2012-03-21 Johannes Zellnersorry, fixing wrong size check
2012-03-21 Johannes Zellneradd a guard if the data size is smaller than what we...
2012-03-15 Bernd WeimerReplaced avahi as default service browser
2012-03-12 Bernd WeimerAdded remote control device discovery
2012-03-12 Johannes Zellnerfix Qt4 build, since it was broken due to missing ifdef...
2012-03-10 Girish RamakrishnanFix Qt4 compile
2012-03-07 Johannes Zellnerrename QDeclarative* to QQml* where needed
2012-03-05 Donald CarrAdd error advertisement to skin selector
2012-03-02 Bernd WeimerFix for audio/video streaming