2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdjust license for Gerrit migration
2012-04-23 Johannes Zellnerremove stale ISSUETRACKER file
2012-04-22 Donald CarrUpdate submodule profile to reflect removed apps
2012-04-22 girishUpdate submodule sha1s
2012-04-20 Donald CarrRemove contentious pixmaps shipped with original remote
2012-04-18 Donald CarrPrevent my shadow building stuff from raining on people...
2012-04-18 Donald CarrAllow shadow builds
2012-04-18 Donald CarrAdjust minimal skin
2012-04-18 Donald CarrMigrate to configure approach
2012-04-18 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s
2012-04-17 Donald CarrAdd Qt test versions to README
2012-04-17 Donald CarrRemove void Debian packaging
2012-04-04 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodules
2012-03-01 Girish RamakrishnanRemove the submodule directories
2012-02-29 Girish RamakrishnanRemove dead skins - plattenbau and flunder
2012-02-23 Donald CarrFix deployment script (to handle failed macdeployqt...
2012-02-14 Donald CarrRemove resources from git submodule list since all...
2012-02-13 Donald CarrUpdate all the sha1s for anyone unfortunate enough...
2012-02-10 Donald CarrAdd demolition5 to qt5 build list
2012-01-05 Donald CarrAdd minimal skin for testing purposes
2012-01-03 Donald CarrStill seeing an invalid shroomfluence #
2012-01-03 Donald CarrInvalid shroomfluence # commited
2012-01-02 Johannes Zellnerupdate submodule
2012-01-02 Johannes Zellnerremove unused and non portable package-skin script
2012-01-02 Johannes ZellnerDont force gitorious account to clone the submodules
2011-12-28 Donald CarrAdd poor man's rsync based deployment script
2011-12-08 Donald CarrUpdate orca sha1 from non-existent to HEAD
2011-12-07 Johannes Zellneradd textfile issuetracker due to lack of proper one
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellneradd matinee skin
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerupdate sha
2011-12-03 Donald CarrAdd convenience script for cleaning build tree
2011-12-03 Donald CarrUpdate core sha1
2011-12-02 Donald CarrDon't rock the boat; adhere to macdeployqt quirks
2011-12-02 Donald CarrRename deploy/bundle script to something more meaningful
2011-12-02 Donald CarrPolish deploy script
2011-12-01 Donald CarrTweak mac deploy script
2011-11-30 Donald CarrUpdate sha1 keys
2011-11-19 Johannes Zellnerupdate OVERVIEW as qtmediahub.com does not exist anymore
2011-11-10 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s to head
2011-11-07 Donald CarrCache advertizes existence
2011-11-07 Donald CarrUpdate baseline prior to operating git submodule command
2011-10-31 Donald CarrMake sure this dude is clean and up to date with submod...
2011-10-31 Donald CarrShroomfluence sha1 was never pushed, roll back to check...
2011-10-20 Donald CarrAvoid scaring people with box2d breakage
2011-10-19 Johannes Zellnerstate for DevDays 2011 Munich DevDays2011Munich
2011-10-05 Donald Carrinit and update new submodules in sync to head script
2011-09-30 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s
2011-09-27 Donald CarrAdd skin packaging convenience script
2011-09-27 Marcel Schuetteupdated instructions for submodules
2011-09-27 Marcel Schuetteupdated README with new script location
2011-09-26 Donald CarrAdd orca skin to submodules
2011-09-23 Donald CarrRemove humour from sync script to satisfy fascist deman...
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanThis is not a true reflection of the current status
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodule sha1
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate the submodule links to be the git url's instead...
2011-09-20 Marcel Schuettemoved overview files from qtmediahub-core
2011-09-20 Marcel Schuetteupdated README and added Qt build intructions
2011-09-20 Marcel Schuetteupdated README
2011-09-20 Johannes Zellneradd small build instructions
2011-09-16 Donald CarrRun around behind Johannes' fixing bash scripts :)
2011-09-15 Donald CarrUpdate scripts to reflect new path
2011-09-13 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s to track HEAD
2011-09-13 Johannes Zellnerfix archlinux repo script
2011-09-13 Johannes Zellneradd script to rebuild archlinux repo
2011-09-12 Johannes Zellneradd confluence arch PKGBUILD
2011-09-12 Johannes Zellneradd archlinux PKGBUILDs for delphin and core
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodule sha1 v0.73
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodule sha1s v0.72
2011-09-01 Donald Carrupdate sha1 v0.71
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1s
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate to latest sha1s
2011-08-31 Johannes Zellneradd meegoremote repo to QtMediaHub
2011-08-30 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1s
2011-08-30 Donald CarrUpdate sha1
2011-08-30 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodule sha1s
2011-08-27 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1's of submodules v0.7
2011-08-26 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s to head
2011-08-25 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s v0.6
2011-08-24 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s of qtmediahub-core and confluence
2011-08-19 Girish RamakrishnanMove submodule sha1's to the latest
2011-08-02 Marcel Schuetteadded new skin flunder
2011-08-11 Marcel Schuetteadded new skin flunder
2011-08-07 Donald CarrUpdate sha1 for v0.5 tagging v0.5
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate submodule sha1 after qmh core redesign
2011-08-04 Donald CarrFix ma dodgy little helper script as advised
2011-08-04 Donald CarrAdd rudimentary convenience script for tracking qmh dev
2011-08-02 Marcel SchuetteMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1
2011-08-02 Girish Ramakrishnansha1 update
2011-08-02 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1
2011-08-02 Marcel Schuetteadded description about changing submodules to master...
2011-07-29 Donald CarrUpdate all sha1s for tagging v0.4
2011-07-29 Donald Carrupdates sha1s
2011-07-28 Donald CarrUpdate sha1
2011-07-28 Donald CarrUpdate sha1s
2011-07-28 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1
2011-07-28 Donald CarrReally update sha1
2011-07-28 Donald CarrIntroduce my .qmake.cache generation magic to the top...
2011-07-28 Donald CarrExplicitly use box2d.pro
2011-07-28 Girish RamakrishnanUpdate sha1s