2012-03-22 Johannes Zellneradd sqlCondition property for media model
2012-03-21 Johannes Zellnersorry, fixing wrong size check
2012-03-21 Johannes Zellneradd a guard if the data size is smaller than what we...
2012-03-15 Bernd WeimerReplaced avahi as default service browser
2012-03-12 Bernd WeimerAdded remote control device discovery
2012-03-12 Johannes Zellnerfix Qt4 build, since it was broken due to missing ifdef...
2012-03-10 Girish RamakrishnanFix Qt4 compile
2012-03-07 Johannes Zellnerrename QDeclarative* to QQml* where needed
2012-03-05 Donald CarrAdd error advertisement to skin selector
2012-03-02 Bernd WeimerFix for audio/video streaming
2012-03-02 Johannes Zellnerfix qvariant type for settings read from config file
2012-03-02 Johannes Zellneruse consistent config file ending
2012-03-02 Johannes Zellnerfix for Qt5 multimedia player
2012-03-01 Johannes Zellnerdont use overlay mode for Qt5 as a default
2012-02-27 Johannes Zellner- fix keymap selection
2012-02-23 Donald CarrGuard AbstractFileEngine usage in Qt5
2012-02-16 Donald CarrInclude thread count in shroomfluence debugging
2012-02-16 Donald CarrRemove polling from view into skin
2012-02-16 Donald CarrExpose metrics class to QML
2012-02-15 Donald CarrRemove nasty async ignorant assumptions
2012-02-15 Donald CarrAdd metrics util class for file based value fetching
2012-02-15 Donald CarrExpose swaplogger fueled FPS information
2012-02-14 Donald CarrAllow for redirection of debug messages into log files
2012-02-14 Donald CarrFix Qt 5 default
2012-02-14 Donald CarrHide skins of an inappropriate version
2012-02-14 Donald CarrAllow skins to hide themselves from graphical selection
2012-02-14 Donald CarrRefactor deadman timer
2012-02-14 Donald CarrMove mainwindow into corelib since this way the linking...
2012-02-14 Donald CarrWIP error handling for import failure
2012-02-14 Donald CarrUnbreak Qt 4 usage
2012-02-13 Donald CarrSpecialize skin selector for Qt 4/5
2012-02-13 Donald CarrGuard against QML version errors in skin selection
2012-02-13 Donald CarrStart testing/hammering on declarative tear down
2012-02-13 Donald CarrIntroduce Girish's skin selector as the default fallback
2012-02-13 Holger Hans... playlist: Don't crash when adding an empty model to...
2012-02-12 Donald CarrFurther Qt 5 adjustment
2012-02-08 Donald CarrAdjust default parameter of qml objection creation...
2012-02-08 Donald CarrAdd utility function for extracting paths from Urls
2012-02-08 Donald CarrRealize Girish's beautiful dream
2012-02-06 Donald CarrChange SCENEGRAPH define to QT5 to avoid confusion
2012-02-06 Donald CarrHandle complete QInputContext removal in Qt 5
2012-01-30 Donald CarrMake vsync toggleable
2012-01-24 Thomas Senykadd null-pointer check in mediascanner.cpp
2012-01-24 Thomas Senyksmall sql fix in radioparser.cpp
2012-01-24 Thomas Senykloosely tested change from QObject to QThread for QAvah...
2012-01-10 Donald CarrThis eats certain target devices
2012-01-05 Donald CarrURL errors are a pain to debug on crud targets
2012-01-05 Donald CarrQApp::setInputContect depricated
2012-01-05 Donald CarrDocument STL dependency
2012-01-04 Donald CarrVolunteer for Qt 5 Multimedia testing stat
2012-01-03 Donald CarrTODO
2012-01-03 Johannes Zellnerdont use QProcess to get IPs but QNetworkInterface API
2012-01-03 Johannes ZellnerDont use the generated-deployment files from QtCreator
2012-01-02 Johannes Zellnerimprove info messages for skin selection
2012-01-02 Thomas SenykMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/qtmediahub...
2012-01-02 Thomas Senykremove the '(#1 - 1234/5678 )' in RadioInfo.title
2012-01-02 Johannes Zellnercorrect helper message for Makefile creation
2011-12-30 Donald CarrAdd debugging short to establish where focus is
2011-12-30 Donald CarrFix top level resizing issue stemming from new settings...
2011-12-29 Donald Carralways useful to know what size is being attempted
2011-12-29 Donald CarrFix relative paths entirely
2011-12-29 Donald CarrRelative paths should work in non-installed case
2011-12-29 Donald CarrNo plugins on Rasp Pi for some reason
2011-12-29 Donald CarrWe never ever want the loopback address
2011-12-29 Donald CarrGet dummy player showing our tail feathers
2011-12-29 Donald CarrRemove spurious imports
2011-12-29 Donald CarrAdd no-dbus to minimal options
2011-12-28 Donald CarrRetain QObject parent connection in face of QQuickItem...
2011-12-22 Thomas Senykfixes in RadioPlugin
2011-12-19 Johannes Zellnerwe need to specify 'quick' and 'declarative' in pro...
2011-12-19 Johannes Zellnersetting orientation has changed in Qt5
2011-12-15 Thomas Senykadded ipaddressfinder
2011-12-15 Donald CarrAdd mem conscious option
2011-12-15 Donald CarrTry to resurrect shroomfluence
2011-12-14 Johannes Zellner- add pushui application
2011-12-12 Johannes Zellneronly build mediaplayer if dbus is enabled
2011-12-12 Johannes Zellnerdont let the application crash when this index is out...
2011-12-07 Donald CarrGet mediaplayer helper app running against qt5
2011-12-07 Donald CarrFix outstanding brain farts in QML2/QML1 component...
2011-12-07 Donald Carroverlay mode is a first class citizen for Qt 5
2011-12-06 Donald CarrTry to prevent QML 1 taint on QML 2 skins
2011-12-06 Donald CarrAvoid deprecation warnings
2011-12-06 Donald CarrIPv6 stuff blowing up raspberry pi
2011-12-06 Donald CarrFurther expand debugging on listen error
2011-12-06 Donald CarrSometimes targets don't listen
2011-12-05 Donald CarrFix convenience .qmake.cache to actually function
2011-12-05 Donald CarrAdd my default adjustment for embedded boards to .qmake...
2011-12-05 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'lastfm'
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerremove more noisy debug output lastfm
2011-12-05 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'lastfm' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/qtmed...
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerremove some compiler warnings
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerdont show networking errors by default
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerremove debug output
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnertry to get artist info if no thumbnail in title info...
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellnerhandle error in NAM
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellner- fix threading problem
2011-12-05 Johannes Zellneradd first version of lastfm metadata provider
2011-12-03 Donald CarrIntroduce generated event detection
2011-12-02 Donald CarrInstall event filters in Qt 5
2011-12-02 Donald CarrDevelopment is default, deployment settable