last changeWed, 8 Aug 2012 06:07:19 +0000 (06:07 +0000)
2012-08-08 Donald CarrFix recent QML language changes master
2012-08-08 Donald CarrFix API usage to fit absolutely insane post alpha langu...
2012-05-03 Donald CarrRemove Settings WIP item
2012-04-24 Johannes Zellnermake video live preview not the default
2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdjust license for Gerrit migration
2012-04-19 Johannes Zellneruse fancy flag for picture and video view
2012-04-13 Thomas Senyk2 small fixes in remoteqml
2012-04-13 Thomas Senykupdate on remoteqml files (reducing duplicated code)
2012-04-12 Thomas Senyksmall update on remoteqml/Video.qml
2012-04-12 Thomas Senyksmall update on remoteqml/Picture.qml
2012-04-12 Thomas Senykremove unused currentIndex poperty from qml/PictureView.qml
2012-04-12 Thomas Senykfixes in Matinee.qml and PicuteView.qml in regard to...
2012-04-12 Thomas Senykupdates for contextcontent; added remoteqml/Video.qml
2012-04-10 Johannes Zellneradd gray folder icon
2012-04-10 Johannes Zellneruse Year|Month|Filename structure for picture view
2012-03-29 Thomas Senykadded qmldir for matinee/remoteqml/
5 years ago master