2011-08-25 Donald CarrDisable particle effects for overlay-mode until backend... v0.6
2011-08-24 Girish RamakrishnanUse 'serial|season|title' structure for displaying...
2011-08-24 Girish RamakrishnanPlaylist does not have mediaType property anymore
2011-08-22 Donald CarrChange shine-through to overlay mode
2011-08-16 Donald CarrWith the removal of the dependency on MultimediaKit...
2011-08-16 Donald CarrRemove legacy references to QtMultimediaKit
2011-08-15 Donald CarrMoving towards unified internal media api
2011-08-11 Donald CarrFix invalid reference to mediaItem for media info
2011-08-09 Donald CarrMove to separate mediaInfo structure
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanFix FIXMEs media-refact-wip v0.5
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanFix display of OSD playlist
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanAdd a addToPlaylist action that adds items recursively
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanModify media code to use latest playlist API
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanModify Picture code to use the latest playlist API.
2011-08-07 Girish Ramakrishnans/engineModel/mediaModel/g
2011-08-05 Girish Ramakrishnans/itemdata/modelIndex
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanRemove usage of PlaylistRole
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanMore default screensaver love
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanFix default screensaver
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanMake the screensavers upto date
2011-08-05 Girish Ramakrishnanuse file.findFiles
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanAdd ScreenSavers to the Confluence repo.
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanPut author names
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanFix qml-startup path
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanAdd qml-startup inside the Confluence repo.
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanRemove RemoteApp.qml
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanaddImportPath is now part of view
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanRemove usage of openUrlExternally
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnantargetsModel was renamed to remoteSessionsModel
2011-08-05 Girish Ramakrishnanreset is now part of window
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanresourcePath moved to skin
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanFile is now a context property and not a type
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanfindApplications moved to file
2011-08-04 Donald CarrMake confluence default to deleting apps on close
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanframerateCap is now in view
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanfocusItem is now in view
2011-08-04 Girish Ramakrishnanidle tracking moved to window
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanresourcePath moved to frontend
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanRemove RemoteAppWindow, it's never used
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanRemove most uses of backend
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanopenUrlExternally moved to frontend
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnanfindApplications moved to frontend
2011-08-04 Girish RamakrishnantargetsModel moved to frontend
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanNo need to loadEngines anymore
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanJust use console.log
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanRemove DashboardWindow, it's not used anymore
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanRemove unused Entry component
2011-08-03 Johannes Zellnerimprove actionlist and also improve the removeSearchPat...
2011-08-03 Johannes Zellnerremove comments and fix a string
2011-08-03 Johannes Zellneradd dialog for search path removal
2011-08-03 Girish Ramakrishnan51094 is now cherry-picked into our baseline
2011-08-03 Girish RamakrishnanfocusItem moved to frontend
2011-08-03 Girish Ramakrishnanidle tracking has moved to frontend
2011-08-02 Girish RamakrishnanaddSearchPath moved to scanner
2011-07-28 Girish RamakrishnanaddSearchPath has moved to backend v0.4
2011-07-27 Girish RamakrishnanAny app can contain an import/ subdir which is it's...
2011-07-27 Johannes Zellnermake AVPlayer a QMHPlayer
2011-07-27 Donald CarrRemove copy of viz
2011-07-27 Donald CarrFix gross direct linkage between OSD and playlist
2011-07-27 Donald CarrGet confluence on same page as Delphin
2011-07-27 Donald CarrMove Confluence to common QMHPlayer
2011-07-26 Girish RamakrishnanJust assume that all engines exist
2011-07-26 Girish RamakrishnanDon't rely on loadedEngineNames for the moment
2011-07-26 Girish RamakrishnanRemove unused variables
2011-07-26 Girish RamakrishnanRemove references to QMHPlugin, it's dead
2011-07-25 Johannes Zellnermake use of ConfluenceText also in Weather
2011-07-25 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/confl...
2011-07-25 Johannes Zellneruse ConfluenceText rather than Text in OSDs
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanRemove appstore. It's moved to apps
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanFully qualify cursor access
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanPrevent binding
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanRemove Ovi Maps and make it app
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanAdd support for html uis
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanCheck that the ui extension is qml
2011-07-25 Girish RamakrishnanImplement app loading.
2011-07-21 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'streaming' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub...
2011-07-21 Johannes Zellnerseek one second for music and 10 seconds for video
2011-07-21 Johannes Zellnersend different rpc message depending on video or music
2011-07-21 Johannes Zellneruse httpServer instance to send proper stream uri
2011-07-21 Johannes Zellneradd shroomfluence button effect
2011-07-19 Johannes Zellnermake AVPlayer able to play plain URIs
2011-07-18 Johannes Zellnersend different rpc message depending on video or music
2011-07-18 Johannes Zellneruse httpServer instance to send proper stream uri
2011-07-18 Johannes Zellnermake AVPlayer able to play plain URIs
2011-07-11 Donald CarrRemove my negative indexing madness now that I understa...
2011-07-11 Donald CarrFix go to root
2011-07-11 Donald CarrDefault MediaWindow play function employs playlist
2011-07-11 Johannes Zellnerimprove external device management
2011-07-11 Johannes Zellneruse 'data' as default rather than 'children'
2011-07-11 Johannes ZellnerAdd RadioWindow to confluence
2011-07-11 Johannes Zellneruse 'uri' field to play media content
2011-07-11 Johannes Zellnerremove MediaSimpleListView
2011-07-07 Donald CarrThis feels a little house of cardsy v0.3
2011-07-07 Donald CarrSupplemental blade should vanish on any key event not...
2011-07-07 Donald CarrNot sure who opted to revert this functionality
2011-07-07 Girish RamakrishnanIf previewUrl is empty, display fallback path
2011-07-07 Johannes Zellnerthumbnail is type URL so let js cast here
2011-07-07 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/confl...
2011-07-07 Johannes Zellneruse previewUrl role instead of unsave thumbnail
2011-07-07 Donald CarrFix Info OSD behavior to conform to new seeking