2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdjust license for Gerrit migration master
2012-03-07 Bernd WeimerBack to main menu when video playlist is finished
2012-03-02 Bernd WeimerStreaming icon fix
2012-02-27 Bernd WeimerFix for missing manifest
2012-02-14 Donald CarrIntroduce sanity check for indirect (staggered!) Loader...
2011-12-30 Donald CarrWork around bug introduced by synchronise dummy backend
2011-12-30 Donald CarrWe always want particle visualization unless there...
2011-12-28 Johannes Zellneradd ip address display
2011-12-15 Donald CarrAdd memory conscious option to confluence
2011-12-15 Donald CarrMake background a swappable component
2011-11-25 Johannes Zellnershow black background only in non overlay mode
2011-11-25 Johannes Zellneruse runtime.skin.settings everywhere
2011-11-25 Johannes ZellnerfindApplications() moved to new AppsManager
2011-11-19 Johannes Zellnerspecify text margin in delegate, not in view
2011-11-19 Johannes Zellnerremove unneeded import
2011-11-19 Johannes Zellner- The background keeps images now always in memory...
2011-10-20 Johannes Zellnerdont override mousecursor hide timeout from skin
2011-10-19 Johannes Zellnerchange from 'value' to 'default_value' in the skin... reconfig
2011-10-18 Johannes Zellneruse new settings for shroomfluence as example
2011-09-28 Marcel Schuetteadjusted font size for panel headline DevDays2011Munich
2011-09-24 Johannes Zellneradjust to new QMHPlayer interface that removes separate...
2011-09-23 Donald CarrRevert "Filthy little fix (Qt 4.8 aggressively garbage...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerlet ProgressBar really start at 0. Not pixel perfect...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerreact on specific keys rather than consume all key...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerwe dont have Key_Context2/3 in our actionmapper
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellneradd VolumeOSD from delphin and show it globally
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnersmooth progess indicator in ProgressBar
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnersome small code improvements for the dialogs in AVPlayer
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerlet the Dialogs consume Up/Down/Left/Right if not used...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerset http://qt.nokia.com as default again
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellneruse Dialog with ListView to display available streaming...
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerclip ConfluenceListView per default
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnervolume saving to config is now done in QMHPlayer
2011-09-22 Johannes Zellnerfix ProgressBar since it did not define the scope of...
2011-09-22 Girish Ramakrishnans/mProgress/progress
2011-09-21 Johannes Zellnerremove unused AppStoreWindow.qml this is now located...
2011-09-21 Girish RamakrishnanClicking on RootMenu items does not work anymore
2011-09-20 Girish RamakrishnanAdd button toggle wrapAround
2011-09-19 Girish RamakrishnanRemove log message
2011-09-19 Girish RamakrishnanMove calling of setActiveIndex all the way up to the...
2011-09-19 Donald CarrFilthy little fix (Qt 4.8 aggressively garbage collects)
2011-09-19 Donald CarrGuard binding
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanAdd name and version to manifest
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanRemove skin.map
2011-09-17 Girish RamakrishnanAdd skin.manifest.
2011-09-15 Donald CarrRevert "make the webview semi transparent"
2011-09-15 Donald CarrFix Johannes' oh so ignorant disable property
2011-09-14 Donald CarrAllow for runtime disabling of software scaling of...
2011-09-14 Donald CarrAdd SNES parser
2011-09-14 Johannes Zellnermake the webview semi transparent
2011-09-06 Donald CarrDon't load skins when background isn't visible
2011-09-03 Johannes ZellnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qtmediahub/confl...
2011-09-03 Johannes Zellnerdont show next title until we actually provide that
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanUse QML 1.1 bindings v0.72 v0.73
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanWrap all apps inside a panel
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanAll links point to amsterdam
2011-09-02 Girish RamakrishnanAdd Amsterdam and Bangalore. Make Amsterdam the default...
2011-09-02 Donald CarrSteal media handling from delphin
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanGridViewDelegate now has a fallback image
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanRemove meaningless comment v0.71
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanThe black filler is specific to the Background.qml
2011-09-01 Girish RamakrishnanOnly show root menu entries that have associated media...
2011-08-31 Johannes Zellnerfix default cover art in OSDs
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanAdd comments on what each OSD does
2011-08-31 Girish Ramakrishnanblack rectangle should be visible only in overlay-mode
2011-08-31 Girish RamakrishnanSelecting index 0 breaks the TreeView in AddMediaSource...
2011-08-30 Girish RamakrishnanRevert "In JavaScript, is also null"
2011-08-30 Girish RamakrishnanQMHAudio -> ConfluenceAudio
2011-08-30 Girish RamakrishnanAdd note on why backgroundFiller exists
2011-08-30 Girish Ramakrishnans/MediaBackendInterface/AbstractMediaPlayer
2011-08-30 Girish Ramakrishnanruntime.window.overlayMode does not exist anymore
2011-08-26 Girish RamakrishnanIn JavaScript, is also null v0.7
2011-08-26 Girish RamakrishnanSet dotDotPosition based on viewType
2011-08-26 Girish RamakrishnanReset currentIndex in all views by hand
2011-08-26 Donald CarrRe-enable backgrounds in overlay-mode when media is...
2011-08-25 Girish RamakrishnanAccept the key event so that it does not propagate
2011-08-25 Girish RamakrishnanFix selection of focus highlight of information sheet
2011-08-25 Girish RamakrishnanFix display of InformationSheet
2011-08-25 Girish RamakrishnanRename qml-startup to qtlogo-animation to make it more...
2011-08-25 Donald CarrDisable particle effects for overlay-mode until backend... v0.6
2011-08-24 Girish RamakrishnanUse 'serial|season|title' structure for displaying...
2011-08-24 Girish RamakrishnanPlaylist does not have mediaType property anymore
2011-08-22 Donald CarrChange shine-through to overlay mode
2011-08-16 Donald CarrWith the removal of the dependency on MultimediaKit...
2011-08-16 Donald CarrRemove legacy references to QtMultimediaKit
2011-08-15 Donald CarrMoving towards unified internal media api
2011-08-11 Donald CarrFix invalid reference to mediaItem for media info
2011-08-09 Donald CarrMove to separate mediaInfo structure
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanFix FIXMEs media-refact-wip v0.5
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanFix display of OSD playlist
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanAdd a addToPlaylist action that adds items recursively
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanModify media code to use latest playlist API
2011-08-07 Girish RamakrishnanModify Picture code to use the latest playlist API.
2011-08-07 Girish Ramakrishnans/engineModel/mediaModel/g
2011-08-05 Girish Ramakrishnans/itemdata/modelIndex
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanRemove usage of PlaylistRole
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanMore default screensaver love
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanFix default screensaver
2011-08-05 Girish RamakrishnanMake the screensavers upto date
2011-08-05 Girish Ramakrishnanuse file.findFiles