Improve the CMakeLists.txt files.
[qtgstreamer:qtgstreamer.git] / tests / CMakeLists.txt
2010-07-08 George KiagiadakisImprove the CMakeLists.txt files.
2010-07-08 George KiagiadakisAdd wrappers for the simple gst_parse_* methods.
2010-06-28 George KiagiadakisAdd structs Fourcc, Fraction, IntRange, DoubleRange...
2010-06-28 George KiagiadakisInitial implementation of the GObject signal wrapper...
2010-04-17 George KiagiadakisAdd wrapper for the GstChildProxy interface and use...
2010-04-01 George KiagiadakisAdd wrapper class for GstCaps.
2010-03-26 George KiagiadakisAdd wrapper class for GstStructure.
2010-03-05 George KiagiadakisInitial commit of the new code.
2009-07-12 George KiagiadakisInitial commit.