Initial implementation of QGst::Event
[qtgstreamer:qtgstreamer.git] / examples / player / main.cpp
2010-11-03 Mauricio PiacentiniInitial implementation of QGst::Event
2010-10-22 George KiagiadakisMerge remote branch 'piacentinis-qtgstreamer/QGstClock'
2010-10-22 Mauricio PiacentiniQGstClock implementation and tests
2010-10-19 George KiagiadakisMerge remote branch 'piacentinis-qtgstreamer/QGstQuery2'
2010-10-18 Mauricio PiacentiniGstQuery implementation and tests
2010-07-17 George KiagiadakisAdd option (enabled by default) to omit the sender...
2010-07-10 George KiagiadakisRename QGst::deinit() to QGst::cleanup(). deinit is...
2010-07-06 George KiagiadakisAdd a new "player" example: a simple command-line audio...